Megha and Bhavin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Rooftop at Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ

How We Met

Bhavin and I first met in High School but we never had an actual conversation until College. We reconnected through close friends that were dating while we planned for one of their surprise birthdays. From the moment I saw him again on New Year’s Eve before 2015 began, I knew there were so many sparks between us. We began sending hints through a group chat with a few friends and before you know it, we confessed our “like” for one another.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rooftop at Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ

Megha's Proposal in Rooftop at Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ

We spent about a month going on coffee and food dates to get to know one another better. On February 10, 2015, Bhavin took me to the Hoboken Waterfront and asked me to be his girlfriend with “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran playing in the background and surrounded by our friends going “aw”. It was perfect!

Where to Propose in Rooftop at Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ

Megha and Bhavin's Engagement in Rooftop at Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ

How They Asked

On March 24, 2019, my parents and siblings woke me up with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and a note. As I read the note I realized that this was “THE day” and that it was going to be the best day of my life. The note read “Good morning! Hope this brightens your day! Be ready by 12 =).” All I could think about while having breakfast and doing my morning routine was “what was I going to wear today?” To my surprise, as soon as I came out of the shower, there were three beautiful dresses, jewelry, and heels laid out for me. I tried on all of them and ended up picking my perfect red dress.

I started to get ready and did my hair and makeup. The Friday before, my close friend convinced me to get my nails done with her. I was all set for Bhavin to pick me up!

At exactly 12 PM, the doorbell rang and I immediately began to get butterflies – it was Bhavin dressed in a suit! Before we left, my brother took a few pictures which became out “before” pics. We headed to our first destination and I began asking a million questions – Bhavin did a great job at keeping every little detail a secret.

Destination 1: The Helicopter Ride

As we pulled into a lot with a few warehouses and passed a police station, I was pretty confused where we were headed. But as soon as we turned the corner and parked, I realized we were going on a helicopter ride around NYC! We checked in and waited until our ride was ready. To my surprise, Bhavin had the ring/box in his jacket pocket the whole time and I had no idea. The ride was AMAZING – we both love NYC so to see it from a different perspective was pretty cool.

Destination 2: The Coffee Shop – Hidden Grounds, Jersey City

Ok, so this was not a planned destination but it fit in perfectly with our day. Bhavin had to stall some time and we were both pretty hungry after the Helicopter ride so we grabbed lattes and a quick snack. Coffee shops have been our go-to hang out place from the beginning of our relationship. We would spend hours at Starbucks or Panera just talking! It was the perfect mini date!

Destination 3: The Proposal – RoofTop at Exchange Place

Eventually, it was time to go to our next and last destination. We found parking and started walking towards the waterfront. Right before we got near the water, we went into the building and Bhavin said he wanted to take me upstairs. As the elevator doors opened on the top floor, I was blown away. I saw rose petals on the floor in the distance and my brother capturing a few pictures. That’s when I knew, that it was happening! Bhavin walked me out to the RoofTop right in front of the NYC Skyline, said a few beautiful words, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And well, the rest is of course history!

Our siblings were there and then all our friends/family came to celebrate the night away.

P.S. To Bhavin – This was the best day I ever had – you had every detail planned perfectly to make sure I was completely ready before the big moment. Thank you for taking time out weeks before the Proposal to ask my parents for permission. Thank you for always making me laugh and feel loved. And thank you for showing me that there is always good in the world, you just have to look for it. You are my light at the end of the dark tunnel and my forever love. I cannot wait until our Wedding Day!