Megha and Atit

How We Met: Atit and I have known each other since we were in high school. Our parents are family friends and it’s sort of a story of best friends turned life partners.

how they asked: Atit was visiting me in New York for a weekend as he had recently started living in California. We had plans to just hang out in the city all day so he picked me up from my house in the morning. He brought me pink roses which I thought was super sweet of him but didn’t think anything of it at that time. (A bouquet of red roses, currently sitting in his trunk were also coming my way in the near future).

As we drove to the city, our first stop was Bloomingdales and he said we are going shopping! Shopping together is always fun, so I had no reason to deviate from the plan and went along with it. He bought me a pair of shoes, a new dress and a new bag. I was already the happiest girl and the best part was yet to come.

We then got back in the car and he started driving us west towards the water but wouldn’t tell me what we will be doing next. So I had all sorts of things going on in my head trying to figure out what the evening will bring. We parked the car, got out of the car and started walking when he asked me to go back to the car because he forgot to lock his door. I said no problem and started walking back.

I didn’t know this until later but this is when he realized he had forgotten glasses for the champagne bottle he had and needed to improvise. So as I left to “lock the door,” he stepped into the closest bar and asked for some plastic cups. We passed a mini golf area as we walked closer to the water and I thought maybe that’s what we are doing but he didn’t want to share any details. Finally, we got to the dock and there was a private sailboat waiting for us to sail the Hudson together.

Image 1 of Megha and Atit

It was the most beautiful thing, with the perfect weather and skyline of the best city the world. We got on the boat and started sailing towards Statue of Liberty, just the two of us and Mr. Sailor. It was truly the most romantic thing ever with the sunsetting in the background and the most picturesque views. Mr. Sailor was in direct contact with our photographer whom I didn’t know about and they all had a secret language to point Atit in the right direction as to when he should get on his knees.

Image 2 of Megha and Atit

He followed the cues and got down on one knee on a very wobbly boat with the Statue of Liberty in the background. I obviously said yes and couldn’t have had a bigger smile on my face. This is when I learned about the photographer and was told to smile to the boat that appeared right next to us.

Image 3 of Megha and Atit

We shared the most precious moments together and called our families to share the news. Once back on land, we went back to the bar that helped him with the glasses and celebrated with the locals. I couldn’t believe I was engaged and had the most shiniest, and precious ring on my finger from the man I truly adore and love.

Image 4 of Megha and Atit

We then went to dinner in Meatpacking District and the last surprise of the night was when all of our friends joined us at 48 Lounge to celebrate with us.

Image 6 of Megha and Atit

I changed into my new purchases from earlier in the day and danced the night away with my husband to be.
Image 5 of Megha and Atit