Meggan and Phillip

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How We Met

After MUCH encouragement from a friend, I decided to join Hinge. Phillip and I matched the very next day. Usually, prospective matches are curated from those living nearby. However, Phillip was living in California at the time, preparing for his move to Texas, where I live. Since Phillip’s move was coming up soon, he changed his profile location to reflect his new Texas digs. At the top of his profile, Phillip was transparent, letting any prospective matches know he wouldn’t actually be in Texas until late January. At that time, it was November.

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Clearly, it didn’t stop me. For the next few months, via thousands of text messages, late-night phone conversations and FaceTime calls, Phillip and I got to know each other quite well. Of course, we knew it couldn’t compare to actually spending time together in person. Finally, after three months, we had our initial meeting and the official first date of many, many more to come.

How They Asked

Phillip planned quite the romantic evening, outfitted with an Italian dinner cruise on a gondola. Toward the middle of our excursion, I noticed a glass bottle floating in the river. Initially, I paid little mind to it. Honestly, I thought it was litter. However, our gondolier began to apologize, stating we’d need to stop our cruise in an effort for him to retrieve the bottle. He went on, indicating the bottle would be a safety risk if it were to break and get into the motor of the boat.

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At this point, I go into ultimate problem-solving mode. We had to get this bottle out of the water. It was a public safety risk! Little did I know, the gondolier and Phillip were in on a little something. Then, the gondolier drives the boat closer to the bottle. I reach and grab it, realizing – ‘this isn’t littered…it’s a message in a bottle!’ I open the bottle and pull out the message.

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It’s a letter from Phillip, which he asks me to read aloud. As I’m reading, tears begin to stream down my face and I see those 4 words at the bottom of the page – ‘Will you marry me?’ Phillip got down on one knee, revealing my most perfect dream ring. Of course, I said YES!

Special Thanks

Jimmy, with Gondola Adventures Irving
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