Megan and Philip

Megan's Proposal in The lot of our future house

How We Met

As with most things in the 21st century, technology played a role in how we met. At the urging of friends, we both ended up on the app Bumble. For those not familiar, Bumble is a dating app where you are shown a few pictures, first name, location, and a little write-up that the person chooses to include of themselves. If you like what you see, you swipe right. If you both swipe right on each other, it’s a match! From there, the woman has 24 hours to initiate a chat conversation. I am the result of Phil having been active on the app for a whole 45 minutes before matching with each other!

We messaged back and forth for a few days and about a week later, made plans for dinner at a restaurant between where we both lived. Dinner was good and the conversation was even better. We chatted easily and believe it or not, neither one of us looked at our phones the whole time! That’s a huge thing for me these days. Soon, we noticed the staff was cleaning up and shutting down for the night and we realized we had no idea what time it was. Three hours had passed without us even realizing! As we left the restaurant, Phil asked me if I might like to see him again and I agreed I would. From there, the rest is history.

How They Asked

For several months, we have talked about getting married “in the future” and about how “when we have a house someday.” Just before Christmas 2018, we were casually looking at houses online and not having anything to do one day, we decided to pop in to a model home at a community nearby. We really liked the house and were quickly preparing to buy it. We even brought my family to show them the model. Then things took a turn with the builder raising prices and pulling some shady tactics. So, we decided to start looking elsewhere.

We went to another developing community and FELL IN LOVE with this house even more. Within a week, we signed the contract. It all happened so fast, there wasn’t even a lot sign up on the property yet. Phil said he wanted us to put the ‘SOLD’ sign on the lot sign so we could get a photo because we are cheesy like that. So we waited, and waited, only our immediate family knew what the plan was. Little did I know, there was more to the plan.

We were told by our lender that we couldn’t make any major purchases until we closed, which wouldn’t be for at least 5 months. Phil made it a point to mention this clause to me about how bummed he was that we couldn’t get engaged until summer now. I was right there with him, but it was what it was. I knew we’d get there eventually.

Proposal Ideas The lot of our future house

Cut to 10 days later, the lot sign was finally put up, so we made plans to go put our ‘SOLD’ sticker on it the next day when our realtor could be there to take the pictures and share it on his business page too. When I arrived at the lot, Phil and Luke, our realtor, were already there. Phil told me that Luke was going to take our pictures putting the sticker on and then he wanted us to do a video saying, “MegaPhil HAVE bought a house.” I was kind of on the fence about doing this. I mean, we’re cheesy, but are we that cheesy? After a little bit of goading, I agreed.

We placed the sticker, posed for photos, and started shooting the video. After we said the planned line, Phil kept talking. As you can see by my reaction, I was shocked, to say the least. He completely surprised me and it was perfect!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Luke Wishmyer
 | Realtor, took photos & video for us when engagement happened
Shanoah Madison
 | Photographer