Megan and Nick

How We Met

We met in a very millennial way and we owe it to Tinder for fostering a perfect swipe right. We had talked on the app for a while and met up at a cute, cozy, quaint pizzeria for our first date.

Megan's Proposal in Point Beach Forest, Two Rivers Wisconsin

how they asked

For Valentine’s Day, Nick had purchased a couples photo session package and gifted it to me then. I thought it was odd that we would just take couples photos before being engaged, but Nick assured me it was a great idea because we never mutually agreed to like a photo we took together ourselves. We had decided to schedule the photo session in the spring when all the snow would be melted so we could have photos taken at Point Beach State Forest near the boardwalk and water. We had coordinated outfits and he arranged for his sister to ask me to get my nails done so they would look nice for the photos. We met up with the photographer and she shot quite a few casual photos before we changed into our dressier clothes.

Proposal Ideas Point Beach Forest, Two Rivers Wisconsin

When I was done changing, she handed Nick a box of rose petals that she said she had left over from a wedding shoot and she wanted to try something with them (little did I know that Nick had actually ordered these petals to her studio the day of). We walked down to the beach and she had us both take a handful of petals and stand back to back for a trial run. When it was time for the real deal, we each took a heaping handful of the flower petals and stood back to back again. It appeared that our photographer was adjusting her camera and it took a little longer than the first time(I was freezing and just wanting to be done with the photos–If you know anything about Wisconsin, you’d know how cold it can be on a spring day near the water).

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Point Beach Forest, Two Rivers Wisconsin

She had said that I was giving her this look like this idea was the dumbest idea in the world. Little did I know that Nick was busy getting the ring ready to go. She told us she was ready and we both threw the pink and red flower petals up, turned around and there Nick was down on one knee asking me if I would make him the happiest guy in the world and spend the rest of my life with him.” I am the most indecisive person, yet this was the easiest YES and decision to make. It was a fairytale proposal that every girl dreams of growing up and I was lucky enough to live it.

Special Thanks

Carlee Secor
 | Photographer