Megan and Nick

How We Met

Nick was on a guys trip and I was on a girls trip in Panama City Beach, Florida two summers ago. On my first night there my girls and I went to Coyote Ugly and I remember seeing this guy walk in that really caught my eye. A few hours later I saw him again and decided to walk up and talk to him. We met up again the next night and kept in touch after our trips ended. He lived about an hour and a half away from me so we didn’t see each other again for about a month. Even though he’s an Alabama fan, I invited him to come to an Auburn football game with me as our first date. He came with me and we had a great time and saw each other every other weekend after that until we got engaged and I moved to Oxford where he is from. Neither of us really remember exactly what I said, but obviously, it was clever because here we are two years later planning our wedding!

How They Asked

My engagement story started with my best friend, Beth, showing up at my house in Auburn, AL late one night with her phone in hand videoing me with a confused look on my face as she handed me a bottle of wine and a letter from my boyfriend, Nick. At this time we had been together for a year and a half. We lived about an hour and a half apart. The letter, in short, told me “Pack your bags. You’re not going to work tomorrow, you’re going on an adventure!” Nick had called my boss & secretly gotten me off work for the next 5 days. The letter told me he wouldn’t be talking to me throughout the next few days, but he wanted me to send him pictures along the way of our adventure. The last part of the letter was a clue..the clue led us to the airport!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Portland Headlight in Maine

Early the next morning, my best friend and I went to the Atlanta airport. Once we arrived she handed me the next letter with the 2nd clue that told me we were flying into Boston, Massachusetts! Once we arrived in Boston, I was given a 3rd letter/clue that sent us to the Sam Adams Brewery for a scheduled tour. I didn’t know it at the time, but Nick was already in Boston with his parents. I found out later that he arrived in Boston the day before to get everything ready. They went on the tour hours before us and left another letter with the tour guide to give to me at the end of the tour.

That letter/clue led us to the nicest hotel in the heart of downtown Boston that had the most amazing view of the city. Once we checked in at the hotel, the front desk staff had the next letter/clue for me that led us to a Red Sox game that night! Nick knew it has always been on my bucket list to sit on the Green Monster during a game. We arrived at the stadium. I was in awe. Little did I know, Nick and his parents were at the stadium and they could see us when we got to our seats. Nick snuck to my section and spoke with one of the stadium employees. He told him what was going on and the employee delivered my next letter to me at my seat! Talk about feeling special! The letter explained that he was unable to get us seats on the Green Monster, but he got me as close to it as possible. My seat was so close I could almost reach out and touch the wall. We even made an appearance on tv during the game! It was so much fun!

Megan and Nick's Engagement in Portland Headlight in Maine

This letter told me that the next day we would be going to Salem, Massachusetts to explore for the day and after that, we would be heading to Portsmouth, New Hampshire for the night! Beth and I are both obsessed with Hocus Pocus, so Nick had looked up addresses to some of the movie sites for us and sent them to her. So she and I spent the day taking some amazing photos while exploring the movie sites & the town. After our Salem adventures, we headed to Portsmouth and checked in at our beautiful hotel on the water.

Following this, we headed to the dinner reservation that Nick had made for us. That night at dinner, I received the final letter that told me I was exactly 1,332 miles from my front door. The final clue led me to the Portland Headlight in Maine the next day at 11 am. There, in this breathtaking scene, is where I found the man of my dreams down on one knee with one of our favorite songs playing! After I said, of course, YES, I looked up a small hill and saw that on top of sending me on the trip of a lifetime, he had also hired a photographer to capture the best moment of my life!

Nick told me he even offered to fly my parents up for the adventure, but they were unable to go. He later informed me that he had spent the last 6 months planning this scavenger hunt trip for my best friend and me to embark on together. It was absolutely perfect from start to finish. It felt like I was part of a movie and our engagement was so much more amazing and beautiful than I ever possibly could have dreamed!

That final clue said “I am a beacon of hope, through the toughest storms. I am elegant with beauty and breathtaking at times. I stand tall for all to see, now come, find me!”. Nick later told me that he picked the lighthouse as our engagement site because that description in the clue is what I am to him. I am such a lucky woman to be blessed with this thoughtful, romantic man that loves me and I’m so grateful that I get to spend the rest of my life with him!

Special Thanks

Andrea Simmons
 | Photographer