Megan and Mike

Megan and Mike's Engagement in Hamilton, OH (at our home)

How We Met

Mike and I met in high school! He has a twin sister (who by the way I’m so excited to add as a sister!) and through her/other mutual friends we started hanging out as a group junior year. We talked on the phone almost every night for HOURS as really really great friends and eventually, he asked me to be his girlfriend late senior year and I’ve had butterflies ever since (as corny as that sounds – I’m serious!). We dated for 11 years through long-distance college years and beyond! We went through ups and downs (mostly ups!), have had so much fun throughout our journey and cannot wait to celebrate this year with family and friends.

How They Asked

On July 7th, I went for a hike while he started on yard work. I came home and he was still working on a stump in the yard (he totally lied about the project he was working on!). I went inside and less than an hour later he came in and asked me to come out and have a drink since he was finished. I opened the door to see the masterpiece! He took my hand and led me to it, got down on one knee and it was the easiest question I’ve ever had to answer! With tears in my eyes, I was overjoyed, overwhelmed and over the moon knowing I get to marry my best friend. The ring still stands in the front yard for all to see!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hamilton, OH (at our home)