Megan and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I both started college at Oglethorpe University. We met outside of our freshman dorm on the first day of school. Matt was lounging on a bench, where he liked to regularly hang out and socialize.

From then on we were always friends.

No matter what was going on, what other friends we made, where we went to college after, what city we lived in, or how much time passed, whenever we found ourselves talking to each other or together, we picked up where we left off.

Always making each other laugh hysterically, going on strange adventures, or annoying each other. Fun fact, Matt even went with me to my first ever grown-up job interview.

We started talking to each other after quite some time and decided a visit was in order. I went up to Cleveland, Ohio to see Matt and everything fell into place.

It was like the person I’d been waiting for my whole life was right there in front of me but we’d both been living and growing separately for years in order to be ready for each other at that exact moment.

From then on we were together.

Matt moved back to Atlanta in April of that year after three months of dating (when you know, you know), and we just haven’t stopped being obsessed with each other yet.

Our hobbies together include finding as many excuses as possible to see and play with cute animals, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, being lookiloos, making up words, sending each other memes, laughing a lot, trying new restaurants and also eating at the same ones over and over again, taking turns expanding each other’s musical horizons (forcing each other to go to concerts the other one wants to go to), and traveling to new, fun places where we immediately start plotting how we can live there.

how they asked

Matt and I had known each other for 12 years by the time we got engaged. There weren’t many surprises happening with our engagement – we talked about it often and I definitely not-so-subtly shared exactly what I wanted to have on my finger for the rest of my life. But he STILL managed to surprise me! After suggesting we go to Oglethorpe’s campus for a walk one day to exercise and being told “NO!” I figured Matt was just not into going on a walk there. A few weeks later when we were deciding where to go for a walk, Matt casually brought up Oglethorpe and I agreed.

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It was the middle of the day in July in the Georgia summer heat, so the images we submitted are not from our actual proposal as those sweaty selfies will never see the light of day! We parked the car and started walking around campus, talking about our college memories. When we passed our freshman dorm, Dempsey Hall, he said he wanted to take a break and rest. But I still wasn’t suspicious as we sat down on a bench outside the building…

Matt turned to me and said he wanted to bring me back to where we first met so he could ask me to spend the rest of my life with him there. He got down on one knee to slip a ring on my finger. Then we took some terrible selfies and walked around campus some more while I tripped over everything because I was staring at my finger and crying happy tears.

So much love.