Megan and Christopher

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How We Met

Christopher and I had mutual friends in high school but didn’t connect until after he graduated (he’s a few years older than me). We actually met on Facebook! I saw his picture in my “recommended friends” and thought he was really cute so I added him. He messaged me first and I was so nervous my best friend was talking to him for me for a little bit (lol). He told me he wanted to be a model and played guitar…how could I say no to that?!?

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Our first date was supposed to be dinner and a walk around downtown, but his card got declined at the restaurant (luckily he had backup cash haha) and it rained, so we ended up sitting in his car at the top of a parking garage and talking for hours. We became official January 11, 2013 after he serenaded me in his car and he’s been my rock ever since. Also he gave up on that modelling career but it was a damn good pick up line…(;

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Our first Valentines day, which was a little awkward because we only started dating a month earlier. At dinner that night we started talking to an older couple and they asked us how long we had been married. That was my first sign he was the one!

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My senior prom, which he went all out asking me to even though he was graduated already.

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…and he puts up with my crazy never-ending style changes!

how they asked

He had a week of vacation time accumulated, so we decided to plan a trip to Portland, OR. We were so excited, but unfortunately on the drive up we got a call that his 15 year old family dog, Chase, passed away. He was absolutely devastated and I suggested we just cancel the trip and go home, but he insisted we continue the trip. Little did I know he had purchased the ring he was going to propose to me with A YEAR AGO and was not going to let anything stop him from doing it. On Wednesday October 19, 2016, we decided to take a trip to Cannon Beach. This was his family’s favorite vacation spot and a spot Chase loved as well. I was expecting the day to be somber and in remembrance of Chase. I even snuck off to a florist and bought a few roses for us to throw in the ocean. I couldn’t stop thinking he was acting super weird and not at all sad, and then right in front of Haystack rock on that empty, foggy, beautiful beach he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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It was just us and I don’t have and photos or videos of it, but it was intimate and special and the best day of my life. I’m so happy that we could make a happy memory in a place that could’ve forever brought sadness.

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