Megan and Zac

how they asked: Let’s back track to just a couple of days before the proposal. Me, Zac, and our friend Aaron are at O’Charley’s, enduring a night that I’m still not convinced wasn’t secretly on the TV show Punk’d – but that’s beside the point. Knowing that we were going to the For KING & COUNTRY concert just two days later, Zac suggested I text Courtney, my former Zumba instructor and wife of Luke, one of the main singers in the band, just to let her know we were going to be at the concert on Friday. I did just that, but received no response.

I didn’t think much about it because I wasn’t sure I even had the right number anymore. Skip forward to Friday night and as I finished getting ready, I received a text from Courtney just 5 minutes before Zac and Aaron arrived at my house to pick me up. The text read “I was so excited to see you’re coming that we upgraded your tickets, they are under your boyfriend’s name :) I’m so glad you’re coming! I hope you have a fun night too!” So here I am, walking out to Zac’s car, thinking I’m such a hot shot for being able to pull some strings and get us upgraded seats (reality check: it had nothing to do with my efforts).

We proceeded to drive downtown, eat dinner at Panera – where Zac was suuuppperrr chatty and Aaron thought he was going to blow it – and then walk to the Ryman for the VIP Q&A session that I already knew about. After the lady at the ticket counter almost ruined the surprise (not that I had any clue at the moment), we finally get inside, enjoy the Q&A, and find our newly upgraded seats. About 20-25 minutes before the concert is set to start, Zac and I are sitting in our seats, wondering why Aaron is outside on his phone for so long.

What I was told: Aaron’s brother, Chris, had been in a car accident and was having to go to the hospital. Reality: Aaron was on the phone with one of the band’s crew members, trying to figure out last minute details of the proposal. Aaron finally comes and joins us right before the concert starts and then the show begins. Everything is normal, the show is going great, and we’re enjoying the night. Then, Joel, the other brother in the band, sits on a stool on stage to talk about their “Respect and Honor” campaign – an initiative that reminds men to respect and honor the women in their lives because they are priceless daughters of God.

As he finishes his spiel, I hear him say “Is there a Zachary Johnson and Megan in the audience?” **WHAT IS HAPPENING?!** Joel instructed us to walk through a side hallway and up on stage (AT THE RYMAN…cue major freak out moment). As soon as we got to the center stage, Joel said he was going to hand the microphone over to Zac and immediately I knew. My hands went over my mouth and tears began to flow. Zac then gave the most adorable and perfect proposal speech I’ve ever heard and finally got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!


The audience cheered, I of course said yes, and tears continued to flow.


But wait….we get back to our seats, the concert resumes, and all of sudden I see Bridget (one of my best friends from college, and now my Maid of Honor) come running down the aisle towards me!


And behind her is my brother, Michael! Zac had not only gotten tickets for me, Aaron, and himself; he also got tickets for Bridget, Michael, my parents and his parents (who were all secretly in the balcony watching the proposal)!

And on top of that…he made reservations for us all to go to the Melting Pot for chocolate fondue after the concert! Seriously people…I’m still not sure how I got so lucky. I was 110% surprised by the whole thing, and didn’t even care that Zac had been lying about his plans for MONTHS. We had friends, family, and even total strangers congratulating us all night and joining in on the excitement with us. Everything about May 22nd, 2015 was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from my wonderful future husband.