Megan and Yonathan | Minneapolis Theater Proposal

How We Met: In the summer of 2013, Megan interned with Experience Mission in Costa Rica. Yonathan’s brother happened to be on her intern team, and he had to go home when there were about three weeks left in the summer. As the coordinator of all Latin American locations for Experience Mission, Yonathan had to fly down and fill in. Meg and Yon had become friends as the summer went by, and when Yon came down, they started joking that Megan should visit him in Seattle, where he was currently living. All of a sudden the conversation became reality, feelings changed from friendship to “something more,” and a flight was booked for a few weeks later! While in Seattle, Yon showed her all around, and he asked her to be in his life officially as his girlfriend. A couple weeks later, he flew to Minneapolis to meet Meg’s family, three months later Meg went to Texas for Christmas, a week after that Yon moved to Minneapolis.

how they asked: Family is very important to both Megan & me! Since the beginning of planning, I knew that somehow our families needed to be involved. Bringing our families together was very important for us, and since her family lives around the Minneapolis area, my family had to travel to Minnesota. We arranged for everyone to travel to Minneapolis for Thanksgiving. My parents and three youngest siblings flew in from South Texas. My sister, Jenn, flew in from Dallas. My two brothers, Jafet and Jordan, and Jafet’s girlfriend, Kaity, drove in from Indiana. A couple of days before the proposal, I sat down with my parents & Megan’s parents and had “the conversation” it was a very intimate and emotional time for all of us. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving all together, and our families really enjoyed getting to know one another. All our siblings were having a ton of fun, and our parents enjoyed doing lots of cooking and chatting as well. By the end of the day on Thanksgiving, I think everyone was starting to wonder when “it” was going to happen…

The day after Thanksgiving, the plan started. Megan loves to have her nails done, so I knew that her nails had to be done before I proposed. Together with Meg’s mom I was able to set up an appointment for Megan to get her nails done a few hours before the actual engagement. Meg’s sister Alison and my sister Jenn went with Megan and all three of them got their nails done together.

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After her nail appointment, I asked her to get ready to go out. She didn’t know that after getting ready and coming downstairs, both of our families were waiting for her to give her a rose and encouragement before I took her out.

Once we started driving… I showed her this slideshow of photos I’ve compiled during the last year and a half of our relationship.

Finally, we arrived at the Guthrie Theater in downtown Minneapolis. Once there, I took her to the 5th floor by the endless bridge. The first time I visited Minnesota, she took me to this area of Minneapolis to look at the skyline. We were having a special moment overlooking the city, which made a perfect moment for me to share how I feel about her, I said that I wanted to spend my rest of my life by her side and a lot of other nice things (that neither of us remember now), I got on one knee and asked her to marry me.

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To end this special day, I planned a surprise engagement party to celebrate with our families & friends!

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