Megan and Victoria

how we met

We first met while working together at a doctors office. Every time Victoria walked passed Megan’s office, Megan just had to peak out and smile at Victoria, of course Victoria smiled back. We exchanged messages, hung out at each other’s houses and finally started dating after being friends for some time.

how they asked

Which proposal? Just kidding! Kind of… Megan gave hints that she was going to propose to me right when she came back from basic training and AIT but I pretty much shut her down real quick because I told her I wanted her to come back and have us enjoy just being together again for a little bit before we got engaged and had to start planning. I sensed she was doing it again when she was acting all giddy and weird one night in the kitchen and again I shut her down real quick because I asked her if she was crazy?! I was in my sweats, hair up and looked like a mess and she knows me better! I’m a sucker for a hallmark movie happy ending! So I guess you can say the third time was the charm when she brought me to a sunflower field, got down on one knee and had it all photographed! Hallmark movie happy ending I would say!


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