Megan and Tyler

Image 1 of Megan and Tyler

The weekend before, Megan and Tyler celebrated their 5 year anniversary by heading back to school where they met for Alumni Weekend. While everyone asked them when they’d be getting engaged, only a few friends knew it was right around the corner.

It was the next Friday night in June when Megan got out of work to meet her Tyler and family for dinner. Megan was under the impression they were celebrating Tyler’s upcoming birthday, but had no idea she’d soon be celebrating something a little more exciting!

She stopped home to change before her, Tyler, and her parents headed down to the Hoboken waterfront. Megan’s mom is new to the Instagram world so she suggested taking a picture of the NYC skyline. As they were strolling along the water, the cue “perfect Manhattan” was given for Megan’s mom and dad to step back. When Megan turned around, she found Tyler on one knee posing the long awaited question: “Will you marry me?” Out of pure shock, she immediately got weak in the knees. “Is this real life!!” she shouted before saying yes and Tyler slipping the sparkly rock on her left finger.

But the surprises were not over! Little did she know, Tyler arranged for her best friends to meet at a bar restaurant near where Megan expected to have dinner plans. She walked inside to find 20 more people who are closest to her ready to celebrate the night away!

Image 2 of Megan and Tyler

Special Thanks

Jenna Williams
 | Photographer