Megan and Tyler

Megan's Proposal in Carmel, CA

How We Met

Tyler grew up attending and going to school at a church in Orange County where his mom and sister also worked. One day, word spread that a cute girl named Megan had just gotten hired. Urged by his mom, Tyler visited one day at lunchtime on a rainy afternoon to perhaps catch a sighting. He encountered Megan frantically calling Uber Eats to complain about incorrect sandwich order (two wrong sandwiches, one missing sandwich entirely … but don’t worry, she received a credit), and from that moment on Tyler was hooked.

Proposal Ideas Carmel, CA

Thus began a two year waiting period for Tyler. Megan and Tyler often ran into each other at church, volunteer events, small groups, and mutual friend’s outings. He pursued a friendship that led to wanting to pursue and date Megan. Then, Megan promptly friend-zoned him … three times.

Megan has never had a serious relationship before and she was scared. But, Tyler remained persistent. His strategy, which he later revealed, was just to “be there.” If Megan invited him to something, he’d go. If he knew Megan would be at something, he’d go. The whole time, he was there for her whenever she needed him. And she was beginning to realize that she did.

But throughout the pursuit, Tyler had moments of doubt. But every time he told himself to get over Megan and move on, Megan would text him out of the blue. It was almost like clockwork, so he hung in there.

Megan and Tyler's Engagement in Carmel, CA

Finally, about two years later, Megan had an extreme moment of clarity at a church retreat they were both attendings. Her three no’s turned into one fat yes. Thus began a three-month pursuit (much shorter than two years, sorry Tyler), but lead by Megan this time.

Megan began to reach out to, make plans, and talk to Tyler a lot more. However, Tyler was bewildered and scared to get his hopes up. For three months, Megan thought the two were dating, but Tyler had no idea.

Then, Megan bought Tyler cookies for his birthday. Tyler consulted his mom, asking her, “what does this mean” while holding an assorted half dozen. She responded, “she likes you.”

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This prompted a “we need to talk” text message from Tyler that lead to a “define the relationship” talk. Tyler boldly asked Megan, “do you like me?” And while hiding behind a pile of pillows, Megan responded, “yes.” Then, they agreed that they were officially dating.

A month later, Tyler dropped Megan off after a Christmas choir concert and left. Only to text Megan minutes after asking, “can I talk to you for a second,” and asked her to be his girlfriend. To which Megan responded, “sure.” It was an enthusiastic sure, but Tyler made fun of Megan about it for months.

Then, Tyler and Megan dated for almost a year. In that time, they went to Trader Joe’s like A LOT, got matching Disneyland passes, went to Thailand together on a mission trip, worked out together, attended a premarital class at church, and trained for a half marathon together.

How They Asked

During their half marathon training, Tyler ran over 200 miles with Megan over the course of 10 weeks where they dreamed about their future together, complained about the fact that they were running, encouraged each other when they got tired, and argued about which route they were going to take.

The half marathon was to take place in Monterey, CA. Tyler couldn’t run it but he booked a flight to come and support. But secretly, he had another purpose for coming — to propose. While Megan was out running, Tyler took the opportunity to tell Megan’s parents about his plan and to ask for their permission to marry Megan. After unanimous yes’s, they got to work planning the after marathon proposal.

They decided that they would bring Megan a change of clothes, and the family would visit the beautiful beaches of Carmel after the race. Upon being asked to change, Megan pulled out multiple famous no’s and decided to stay in her sweaty running clothes and shoes. The family decided they had to roll with it. Soon after, on a vista looking over pebble beach, Tyler got down on one knee and asked Megan to marry with Megan’s family, and many strangers, watching from a distance. She immediately responded, “Yes! — I mean sure!” to match her answer a year ago when Tyler ask her to be his girlfriend.

It took three years, but Megan and Tyler believe it was God’s perfect timing. They are thrilled to begin their life together as husband and wife.