Megan and Tyler

How We Met

We met Friday night ice skating in high school in 2009. My friends and I would go every Friday to Center Ice in Oaks, PA and one Friday I invited my cousin Nick to come along as well. That night, Nick decided to invite some of his friends as well and one of them was Tyler. After that, our groups of friends began hanging out every week and we all went to senior week together. After that, we hit it off as more than friends and Tyler and I have been together since August 18, 2009.

how they asked

Every year for the past four years Tyler and I have gone to New York with a couple of our friends from college right around Christmastime. This year, we decided to spend the night there and we had the weekend all planned out. Saturday we planned on going ice skating (we try to go every year) around 5:30 and go to our dinner reservation around 7. We got to Bryant Park, ready to ice skate, and we were surprised at how long the line was for regular skating (this rink was supposed to be the least crowded). After being frustrated that we couldn’t get on in time to make our dinner reservations, Tyler decided to just purchase fast pass tickets which, to his surprise, had just as long of a line. Tyler was upset we couldn’t get tickets and I calmed him down saying we’ll just get a drink to kill time. After grabbing a drink we decided to take pictures over by the tree. As we waited for our friend to get his camera set up, I was looking around at the shops and thought I saw my mom. To my surprise, it was my mom and sister and Tyler took my hand and led me over to the tree. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes!

Image 1 of Megan Di and Tyler

Image 2 of Megan Di and Tyler