Megan and Trevor

How We Met

We first met at church. He got home from his two year mission in Korea and I knew he was going to BYU in the fall so I didn’t give him much thought past a friend. As it turned out, I started to really like this friend. He was very charismatic, super funny, and over all a wonderful man. It made me sad to think he was leaving in the fall! Late Spring, his newly married cousin invited me over to go boating with some other people from church. I graciously accepted the invitation and went over. Trevor was trying to wakeboard and it was his first time and when he finally stood up on the board we all cheered and I was genuinely super happy for him!

That night our mutual friend asked me if I liked anybody from church and before I knew it I blurted out Trevor’s name (he was changing his clothes in the other room). She said “his mom wants him to date you too”. His mom and I had only met once that I was aware of on Easter when I sat next to Trevor with two 6 year old twins I was babysitting. Later that night he ordered my dinner at Ted’s Cafe Escondido and within two weeks we started dating. We were almost inseparable through the summer and even went on a trip to Florida with my parents. We both were torn to pieces when he left for Provo.

how they asked

I had been hoping Trevor would come home since the minute he left for Utah. I would look for him to show up at work, at my house, anywhere I hoped he would show up. On September 23rd, he told me to go check the mail (weird, he had never sent a letter before) and there was an envelope addressed to me with his last name spewing red rose petals with a note inside. He told me that while hand written notes are nice, he was a firm believer that actions speak much louder than words so go to Lake Remembrance if I wanted to see just how much he loved me! Lake Remembrance was a place we often took our dog to walk and play at the park. I rushed over there and he greeted me with love and a rose and asked me to go for a walk with him. Throughout the path, he had rose petals scattered and 10 reasons he loves me. After the tenth reason, we turned to walk out on the dock where he asked me to marry him!

Image 1 of Megan and Trevor

I said yes!