Megan and Trevor

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How We Met

Trevor and I met in 2011 during my junior year of high school, the spring of his senior year! A friend gave him my phone number and we became good friends throughout that spring and summer. He FINALLY asked me to go on a date in July- and the rest is history! Trevor would say that I “followed” him to college, and I’m not sure if that is 100% accurate, but he may have slightly impacted my decision. We grew closer throughout our time together at college, spending weekends exploring the MN north shore, skiing, training for races, attending Bulldog hockey games, and planning the best trips with friends.

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A few of our years together have been spent miles apart, with a lot of traveling on the weekends to see each other as I finished school 200 miles away after he graduated. I remember one very cold and windy winter afternoon, Trevor was getting ready to head back to Minneapolis, but as we said our goodbyes his car wouldn’t start! I guess I killed his car battery by leaving an interior light on overnight. He would say I did it on purpose, just to have a little extra time with him before having to leave (again), but I think he may have left that light on. With the miles that separated us, we learned how to appreciate the time and make the most out of our short weekend trips to see each other!

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How They Asked

After eight fun and fast years of dating, on July 16th, 2019, I got to say YES to marrying the guy! Trevor proposed on our family trip to Fort Myers Beach, as the sunset over the ocean. We were out on a sandbar looking for sand dollars, and as I turned around, he was on one knee! It was the best day in one of my favorite places, with family!

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Special Thanks

Tasha Bissell
 | Plan + photographer
Tasha Bissell
 | Planning