Megan and Travis

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How We Met

We actually met online, which hadn’t been a success in any way for either of us but it only had to work once!!! It was just a random Tuesday night, he superliked me and I swiped right! The very first thing I said to him was “Just so you know, this will never work because you’re a Packer’s fan.” (He’s from Wisconsin and I’m from Minnesota so I’m a Viking’s fan. That’s a huge rivalry for those that aren’t football fans.) The rest is history!

how they asked

He had yet to meet any of my friends in MN so he surprised me with a weekend trip up there. He arranged everything with my best friend so we stayed with her and had a great time all weekend. We were supposed to head for the airport on Sunday so I didn’t really put a lot of effort into getting ready, we were getting on an airplane after all. Instead of driving to the airport, he started heading to the stadium which we had driven by and taken pics of on Saturday. I was already in my Vikings jersey so when we parked the car and he put on his Packers jersey I’m thinking what is he doing??? I thought maybe we were meeting people outside somewhere but then we start walking towards the doors. A security guard let us in and I see all of my closest friends standing there waiting for us. He arranged a private tour of the stadium for all of us!!! It was incredible. At the end of it we were standing on a mid-level platform that overlooked the entire stadium. Perfect for photo ops right? I took a couple with my girlfriends then some with just him and I…he then turns to me and said “Just so you know, this will work even though you’re a Viking’s fan” and got down on one knee!!!! I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed. As you can see from the video I’m such an ugly crier but I couldn’t help it!!! Best day of my life so far!!! It couldn’t have been more perfect for us.

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