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How We Met

Travis and I met our freshman year of college in our living areas known as “the cottages”. It wasn’t until the end of our first semester of college when our story began. He was on the university’s baseball team and would constantly have his teammates over on his front porch- I was always too intimidated to introduce myself to them. It wasn’t until there was a Christmas decorating contest that the ice broke between us because our cottages were both fighting to win. When the competition ended (yes, he won), his cottage came over to show us their prize. A little while later I remember hearing guitars playing outside my front door and was curious to see where it was coming from, and sure enough, it was him and his roommate. Not only was he athletic, competitive, and handsome, but he also had this new side to him. It was in that moment that I knew I was in trouble. We have now been together for six years and the rest became history.

how they asked

It was March 31st, the day of one of my closest’s friend’s birthdays and we had plans to celebrate her big day at the Portuguese Bend Club in Rancho Palos Verdes. The plan was to first have lunch at Nelson’s at the Terranea Resort followed by a private beach bonfire which I had planned for her. As we arrived to our first destination I wished my friend a happy birthday and was so excited to celebrate her, not knowing that I had planned a celebration for myself. Prior to entering into Nelson’s for lunch, she said she wanted to take pictures by the beach since we were all dressed so nicely. This seemed completely normal to me at the time.

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As we started walking down to the beach I noticed a crowd of strangers standing along a ledge and I was curious as to what they were all staring at. As we got closer, the song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran began playing in the background and I saw a series of wooden signs that started with, “I love you because…” creating a path down to the beach. It wasn’t until I saw pictures of Travis and I on the signs that I realized this was all meant for me. As I continued to pass by each sign that reminded me of reasons why I am loved, I could not stop shaking or wondering how I did not know any of this was happening.

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After the last sign, there was a blanket decorated with rose petals, pillows, signs, and a basket with champagne in it. Travis got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest on my life with him. However, it did not end there.

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After the proposal, we went to Nelson’s to celebrate with a few drinks and with some of our friends who were hiding in the bushes. We then made our way to the beach where the bonfire was supposed to take place and there I found a surprise party of all my friends and family.

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I could not believe how many people took time to drive to the location to celebrate us and to all the work that went into the proposal by our closest family and friends. I have never felt more cherished that a man would go through this much length to make me feel so completely loved and deserving. I cannot wait to make him feel the same way for the rest of our lives.

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