Megan and Tory

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How We Met

Its crazy how 3 words can change so much. No, it’s not those 3 infamous words with 8 letters, but the lives of 2 people changed completely with 3 words and 10 letters, “Hey, what’s up.”

Tory and Megan didn’t meet in a movie-like, cutesy, automatic love at first sight kind of way. The two met on the first night Megan started her new job in Dallas when Tory opened the doors to the store for her. At the time Tory was working overnight at Sam’s Club and Megan worked for a direct marketing firm for Sam’s members.

Although they didn’t speak the first night, Tory strategically made his move the next 4 months, or so he says, with a simple “Hey, what’s up,” each time he saw her at work. No conversations were had, no dates were made. Megan’s attention was caught when Tory walked right into a pole while pulling pallets to the back after one of his many “Hey, what’s up,” exchanges.

how they asked

Rings, engagement, marriage… These subjects had always been something Tory and Megan talked about throughout their relationship.

What type of ring Megan wanted. What type of ring Tory saw himself buying for Megan. How long they would be engaged for. What their wedding would look like and when it would happen.

It was no secret that Tory was planning on proposing this year. He was very much open about his plans and Megan was very verbal about asking her parents for permission and the Vietnamese traditions for the engagement and wedding.

In October last year, Tory had actually sat down with Megan’s parents and asked for their permission.

The weekend of Mother’s Day had come and the two had planned a trip back to Megan’s hometown of Holland, Mich. for her 3 cousins’ graduations, Mother’s Day and for Tory to meet the rest of her family.

On the way back home, Megan was very curious about why Tory wouldn’t check in his bag so that he wouldn’t have to walk around the airport with a heavy bag, but he told her some story about how he had lost a bag once and didn’t want that to happen again .

Throughout the weekend, Tory had asked Megan to take him to all her favorite spots in her hometown. She showed him her old house, high school and they walked down to Kollen Park, where Megan used to spend the Fourth of July watching the fireworks with her cousins and friends. Overall though, Megan’s favorite spot was her grandparents’ living room, where the entire extended family spent every Christmas together since she was a little girl.

On the morning of May 7, Tory and Megan sat down with her mom, aunt and grandparents to eat breakfast before the graduations and Tory asked Megan’s grandparents for their permission to marry Megan IN VIETNAMESE !! After many questions, Megan’s grandparents said “yes.”

Throughout the day while driving to, attending and driving home from Megan’s cousin Juliet’s graduation from Michigan State, Tory kept asking Megan to marry him and her answer each time was, “This is not how you’re asking me.”

When they had come home and we’re hanging it in the patio with Megan’s family watching TV, Tory took Megan by the hand and brought her into the living room.

“All weekend I’ve been asking you where your favorite spots are in your hometown and you said that your grandparents’ living room was your favorite. I love you so much, I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you and showing you and I wanted to add another memory here. All day today I’ve been asking you to marry me and you’ve said no, so I’m going to ask you one more time, Megan Quynh-Nhi Viola-Vu will you marry me?”


Of course, based on Vietnamese tradition Tory couldn’t put the ring on Megan until they had their engagement ceremony, when the two families came together as one. So for 50 days, the ring stayed in the box until their parents had announced their engagement on June 25, 2016.

And they began planning on their forever… Happily Ever Swank.

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