Megan and Timothy

Image 1 of Megan and Timothy

How We Met

Timothy and I met through a mutual friend. She knew we’d be a perfect match. Our first day was a laid back pizza date at pizza port in Carlsbad. We hit it off there and I knew from that date he would be something special in my life.

how they asked

It all started with planning a fun trip up to wine country with my now sister in law and brother in law just to enjoy the perfect August day and all the yummy wine. Little did I know Tim had this huge proposal planned out. The day finally came I was so excited to just enjoy the day with all of them. We met up at local hotel (where I thought we had gotten a room) we jumped into an uber and we were off to our first winery. We got to Callaway with our first tasting of wine in our glass we thought we’d go outside to see there beautiful venues. We were looking at one that was all set up for a wedding later on that day.

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Tim pointed to another venue down the hill I noticed a photographer down there taking pictures of the site (me thinking for the wedding later) I told him I didn’t think we should go down there.

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Little did I know Timothy got a photographer to capture this amazing moment. We headed down the hill and as we got to the grass I notice two wine barrels one with a picture of us on it. I knew at that moment he was going to be my fiancé.

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He got down on his knee and as he was getting up I heard cheering from an over looking balcony, it was both our families and friends clapping and screaming for us.

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We had planned the most perfect proposal and I was so surprised.

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Special Thanks

Kevin Nguyen
 | Photographer