Mégan and Thomas

How We Met

Thomas and I have been dating for over 8 years now. We actually started spending time together at a New Years Eve party. I was throwing it and we were invited. He didn’t really talk to me for the entire time we were there but when 5 am came knocking we were both craving a sandwich. That butter and ham sandwich was our first common link! We tried every bakery but it was too early and we ended up spending 3 hours, just the two of us. Thomas gave me his number and his MSN, at the time. I was actually dating someone at the time but our connection with Thomas was unbelievable. He had so much in common. He was always there for me. He was sweet and kind. Begging of April, I decided that I couldn’t keep dating a man that wasn’t Thomas. I took us another two months to actually start dating. Thomas sent me a text that said: “I think I’m in love with you”. He kissed me on June 8th, 2011.

How They Asked

We had talked about getting married on our 10 year anniversary so I knew a proposal was on the way but I had no idea of what Thomas was planning for our 8th anniversary. Thomas took me to Etretat (Normandy, in France) for 2 days in this incredible hotel called “Le donjon – Saint Claire”. He had booked the most amazing room: a view on the sea, a jacuzzi and a hammam inside the room. At 5 pm on June 7th, I had a masseuse come for me in the room. We had an amazing 3 Michelin rating meal! It was amazing!

After supper, Thomas wanted to walk up to the CLiff to see the sunset. I did spot 3 people with cameras but since the view was incredible I thought they were here for the view. He wanted to take a selfie so we did, but a photographer came and asked if we want a real picture, So we said yes! Once she took the picture I saw Thomas down on one knee.

He looked me in the eyes and said: “Will you be my wife?”. Of course, I said Yes. And then I realized that there was a full crew here to capture this moment. A videographer came, a wedding planner had planned this entire trip and the photographer was here for us as well! I didn’t see the wedding planner before she came out with the most amazing bouquet of red roses. 96 to be precise for the 96 months we’ve been together! She also had a bottle of champagne that we drank in front of the Clif of Etretat! It was incredible and unforgettable!

Mégan and Thomas's Engagement in Etretat, in Normandy, France

Proposal Ideas Etretat, in Normandy, France

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Etretat, in Normandy, France

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