Megan and Taylor

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How We Met

We met at the University of New Hampshire, at the very end of our senior year. Taylor had an internship in Seattle the following summer, so we were just enjoying each others company, not knowing where it was going. We started to hang out more and more each day. Then one a whim, we decided that I should drive across country with him, from Durham, NH to Seattle, WA, as he made the move out west for his internship.

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After only really knowing each other for a month, it was a risky choice, since we would be stuck in the car with each other for over 30 hours, but I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After that trip, we knew we couldn’t stay apart for long.

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how they asked

In March we took a vacation to Colorado to visit Taylor’s family. Typically, this is a trip filled with non-stop skiing and Taylor trying to push my limits on skis. Not long before the trip, we had talked about getting engaged, and Taylor purposefully threw me off by saying it would be nice to get engaged in the summer months since this was my favorite season. This statement took an engagement while in Colorado completely off my radar, so I had no clue this was coming. After 4 full days of skiing, and hiking, I woke up Saturday morning, ready to relax but was quickly talked into a half day of skiing. I agreed but only if I did not have to hike at all that day. Taylor’s family knew his plan, so they all sneakily hinted that we would be hiking to the top of one of the peaks of Breckenridge Mountain. I reluctantly agreed since I knew the view itself would be worth it. Hiking up, it was extremely windy and everyone was being blow a few steps off the path. It took us to be to get up there, but it was true, the view was worth it, especially since Taylor carried my skis up the hike. Taylor’s sisters knew he was going to purpose but were unsure of his plan, so they helped him out. Taylor and his sisters took a picture at a very scenic spot, then said that Taylor and I should take a picture there together as well. I noticed that Taylor’s father and friends had their phones out to take our picture, but didn’t think anything of this at the time.

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When I thought that the picture had been taken, I began to walk away, until I felt a tug on my hip. Taylor was down on one knee and I could not believe it. I immediately grabbed his head, partially to keep myself up. I couldn’t tell you what he said to me at the time, I was too in shock. I knew he mentioned something about our car trip and used my full name. I said yes!! and hugged Taylor before he could even get the ring out! We popped a bottle of champagne and I skied down the steepest slope of my life with jello for knees. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing surprise.

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