Megan and Steven

How We Met

Steven and I met at the beginning of my senior year in high school. I was working and he came in to my job with a mutual friend and introduced himself. The best part is, I wasn’t interested in him at first because he came off as an over confident teenage boy. After him persisting, we started off with group outings, which quickly turned into going out just the two of us. After getting to know him, I was head over heels and just patiently waiting to make it official. He asked me to be his girlfriend on Halloween after about a month of us dating. From the moment we started dating I felt the strongest feeling that he was my soulmate. We will be together for 5 years this Halloween, but our life together is just getting started.

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How They Asked

Steven is in the army and was deployed in February 2019 for 10 months. During the first two months of his deployment, we were already planning a trip to Disney World for when he was back home. It was something for us to plan and look forward to while he was gone. It turns out since we had booked the trip, he was planning out a proposal with all of our family and friends in on it. We both share a love for Disney and going to the parks in both Florida and California a few times a year.

Fast forward 11 months to January 19, 2020. We were in Disney with our friend and Steven’s sisters for an all adult trip! We arrived in Magic Kingdom at 8 in the morning for breakfast reservations inside Cinderella’s Castle. I was in my favorite place with most of my favorite people, so I couldn’t be happier. After breakfast, they all suggested we stop at a photo spot for a picture next to the castle. The photographer was taking pictures of Steven and I and then suddenly he was pulling a box out of his pocket and going down on one knee. Immediately I burst into tears. It was happiness and shock all in one. Everything around us was a blur and all I could focus on what that very moment. Steven was nudging for me to look up and I turned to see my sister, mom, and future mother-in-law coming out from behind some bushes and a trash barrel. I felt like I was in a dream. They all flew out to Disney to be there for the big moment. The tears just kept coming and by that point I was a complete mess. I had my dream man, dream proposal, dream ring all while being at my favorite place on earth.

After celebrating the day with family, he had another secret to let me in on. We were now staying at the Grand Floridian, which is one of the nicest hotels in Disney, while also being my DREAM hotel stay! He couldn’t have planned a better proposal and I’m still on cloud nine.

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