Megan and Stephen

How We Met

Megan and I met through “mutual friends from her sorority” or so the story goes for non-acquaintances. In reality, I sent a private “Happy Birthday” message on social media to a beautiful girl who all I could see was living life to the fullest. Some may have questioned the move. Nonetheless, she declined, but after several more humble attempts, a first date was agreed to at the Sons of Hermann Hall for a night of swing dancing. It was a wonderful first date and the rest was soon history. Although, neither of us realized at the time life would come full circle one year later…

how they asked

The “where” of the proposal was decided – the room of our first dance would be the last stop of our dating lives. The big question was how to get her there… Megan has always enjoyed the art of surprise. Her thoughtfulness (and sneakiness) have gone to great lengths and often involved me blindfolded in public places. It was time to repay the favor.

20151120_Bianca Proposal_001

Arriving at my apartment a little after 7PM for “date night”, I imagine she was startled when her brother answered the door wearing a limo driver hat holding a sign with her name on it. He gave her a card which required her to ride blindfolded to the unknown destination. On arrival, she stated that it smells “musty”. With no other idea where she was, her brother removed to blindfold to reveal the room of our first dance. I will never forget that look on her face. She walked through some scattered rose petals to where I was standing in the front. I hugged her and held her tight, and after a short dance to our first song, I hit a knee and popped the question.

20151120_Bianca Proposal_003

20151120_Bianca Proposal_005

20151120_Bianca Proposal_017

But we weren’t done yet, I gave her a card, and yes, the blindfold had to go back on. We drove, this time to “dinner”, but once the blindfold was removed, it wasn’t dinner but her house with 60 of our closest friends and family gathered. A great close to a perfect night.

20151120_Bianca Proposal_075

20151120_Bianca Proposal_076

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Special Thanks

Ron Acord