Megan and Stephen

How We Met

Confession: I met my fiance through Tinder. When we were new in the early phases of our relationship, we were nervous about telling our families we had met through a dating app. Stephen told his family we met in line at Panera Bread, meanwhile, I told my family we had met through mutual friends. Slowly but surely, the real story made it’s way out but I’m sure there are some we’ve accidentally left in the dark! For those just now finding out – SURPRISE! Regardless, Stephen and I deleted the app within 3 weeks of meeting one another and haven’t looked back.

how they asked

For starters, Stephen is a pretty private person so never in a million years would I have pictured this fairytale proposal in front of thousands of strangers! The day began with a four-hour tour of the Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica. Due in part to the reserved dress code required to be worn by those visiting the museums, I paired my floral pants with a tank and scarf to cover my shoulders. I had carried a tiny purse with me throughout Europe and that morning before we left for our tour – I made a note to toss in the cute matching top that paired with my floral pants.

Let’s just say I’m so glad I did! After the tour concluded, we headed to a nearby restaurant for plates of pasta, gelato, and a bottle of wine. During lunch, I ran to the bathroom and changed my top, then returned back to Stephen and we headed off to re-visit the Trevi Fountain (as seen the day before). Mid-day at the fountain is VERY busy, but we were fortunate enough to have happened upon a couple of seats on the first row closest to the fountain. We sat down and immediately noticed the English-speaking couple to our left. We chatted and as Stephen fell into deep conversation with them, I got distracted by my phone.

A few minutes later, I look up and saw Stephen hugging the wife. I thought to myself “That’s kind of strange…” but it wasn’t all that out of character for Stephen. When I looked back up, Stephen was standing over me holding his hand out for me to grab. “So they’re going to take a photo of us and then we’ll take a photo of them.” I stood up and was handed a coin to toss. When I noticed that I was the only one in the photo frame, I pointed my eyes in Stephen’s direction. “Get in this photo with me! I’m not going to take it by myself.” Stephen assured me he’d hop in the next one so I proceeded forward.

I closed my eyes and made my wish – the wish being that I hope we got engaged in Italy and had many years of happiness for all our future to come. I opened my eyes and Stephen was down on one knee asking for my hand in marriage. Of course, I said yes and the whole fountain clapped! It was the most magical fairytale moment I could have ever dreamed of. To this day, I beam when telling others of the story!

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