Megan and Stephen

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How We Met

The story of how Steve and I met is just so special to me. My best friend Kat and I decided to create a bucket list of things to do in the summer of 2018. We had both recently finished school and dove right into our careers, so we jokingly added “find boyfriends” to our list, a.k.a. make ourselves more available, go out more often, and meet people outside of work.

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Kat and I planned our first night out that summer to “find boyfriends” which was our ongoing joke. My other bestie who couldn’t come suggested we try a delicious restaurant called “Gusto 101” in downtown Toronto. Off we went to have dinner and drinks!

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After being seated at a table not far from the bar, I locked eyes with this handsome bartender, Steve, who was not my server. Multiple times through the night we kept locking eyes, it all felt out of a movie. After we finished dinner and paid, my bestie stated she was going to use the restroom and would meet me outside.

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The next thing I knew, the handsome bartender was crouched down beside me saying hi. Steve said ” Hey, I never do this…but I just thought you were really cute, and I had to come over and say hi”. He went on to ask where I was from (I lived about an hour away) and finally said “Would you want to hang out sometime?” Me being the sassy person that I am, wanted to have the upper hand so responded, “If you’d like to give me your number, I don’thave my phone.” He rushed over behind the bar and wrote his number down classic pen-and-paper style (I still have the paper with his number on it to this day).

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Standing tall, chin up, I walked out of the restaurant waving the paper to my friend saying, “the first step to finding a boyfriend… get a number!!”

My bestie went on to suggest that I meet up with him the very next day before I head home. I was concerned it was too soon, and she said, “If you don’t go for it, you’re going to leave and start overthinking it, then you likely won’t see him again.” I took her suggestion and we met for a drink the very next day… and the rest is history.

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How They Asked

Since the day we first locked eyes, Steve and I have had many adventures together. We have taken multiple trips, moved in together, and even got a puppy!

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After a year of living together, I was patiently (not so patient) waiting for a ring, but we decided to purchase a home. After having our finances blown wide open, purchasing a house during a pandemic, and the financial uncertainty of the pandemic, I ultimately accepted that I would not be receiving a ring any time soon, and that’s ok, we just bought a house! How cool!

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The first of the month came and due to the pandemic, Steve and I moved all of our small belongings by ourselves. At the end of the week, we had arranged for my Mom, Stepdad, Dad, and brothers to come with their trucks to do one big load of the larger furniture.

Once we were all moved in, Steve just KNEW I would be asking for an “our first home” front porch photo. With my parents standing waiting to take a photo, my bossy self staged our photo. “Steve, you sit there, I’ll sit here, and Archie will sit there.” Very patiently, Steve followed.

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After a few photos, Steve said “Ok let’s do one standing up.” Not knowing anything different, I agreed. He then stated, “You stand there, I’ll stand here, and I just have to do this one thing first,” getting down on one knee in front of my family, Steve proposed. I was in SHOCK, I always thought I’d be able to sniff it out, I’ll be honest, I think I blacked out a little. It was the best proposal for us and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!!

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