Megan and Sigifredo

How We Met

I worked at the college bookstore at the university I attended. After working there for a year and a half, my future husband started a job in a different department. He came over to ask me a question during his first week about our merchandise. I texted my best friend back home right after and told her about this new guy at work and how I was going to make him mine. Turned out, he was dating another girl that worked there, so I started dating somebody else. Soon after, my future husband, who goes by Fred, got transferred to my department and we quickly became friends. My then-boyfriend and I began to go on double-dates with Fred and his girlfriend. Two years later, Fred and I became best friends as we were the only two willing to work weekends in our department. After graduating, my then-boyfriend and I broke up. Fred and his girlfriend broke up several months later. We continued to spend time together as all of our best friends moved out of town while we stayed and continued our careers. It quickly turned into a mutual understanding that we cared so deeply about each other that we didn’t ever want to be apart. Having already been friends for 3 years made it easy to transition into a relationship as we already knew so much about each other!

How They Asked

We had been together 4.5 years but had only ever traveled across the country to my parent’s home and for a wedding, I was in. My then-boyfriend and I dreamed of traveling together someplace exciting and new. So I planned the trip of a lifetime for us to Scotland. When I say planned, I mean that I had it all figured out down to the minute. There was no room for surprises! We were halfway through our trip and having the best time in all the exploring. That day we had a hike up the Faerie Pools on the Isle of Skye. It was cold, rainy, and extremely windy. Essentially, it was miserable weather, but we were set on seeing the series of waterfalls and pools.

Megan's Proposal in Faerie Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Depending on the lighting, the water changes colors, so I was hoping the weather would improve. We climbed about halfway up, and the rain lifted and the wind died down. It was still cloudy, but we could begin to see the different colors of the water. To get a better look, Fred wanted to climb down into one of Pools and stand on a flat rock in the middle with a waterfall behind us. It was not easy to get out there and I almost told him no because the last thing I wanted was to get wet! Once we got out there, he signaled to somebody behind me and quickly dropped to one knee. The resulting photo is one I will always treasure (thanks to a complete stranger who was in the right place at the right time and understood what was happening in the moment) and that trip will now always be my favorite.