Megan and Shawn

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How We Met

Shawn and I met at Stevenson University in 2010. I was an Elementary Education Major and Shawn was a Criminal Justice Major. Shawn and I lived in the same dorms, Wooded Way, on campus. Little did I know move in day my whole life would be changed. Shawn played football for Stevenson and was helping everyone move in. I passed him a few times as my Uncle John and I were moving me into my room. I started introducing myself to people in my dorm, as I did not know anyone that went to Stevenson. On move in day, I walked across the hall and saw another girl moving in with her mom’s help. I walked over and introduced myself to Alex, who happened to be the same major as me and from then on we were best friends. Now back to Shawn and me! Shawn and I rode the elevator a few times together, but it was at an ice cream social that the resident assistants were hosting where I really got to know Shawn. He brought in pizza from the local on campus pizza shop Pandini’s and came up to Alex, my roommates and I and asked if I would like some pizza. I giggled and ate some of his pizza. And from there it was history, Shawn and I began talking and at the time I was dating someone. Shawn and I hit it off and we hung out here and there and my friend Alex and I were hanging out she invited him over. In October of 2010 my previous boyfriend and I split up. Shawn and I began seeing each other, and I continued to talk to Alex about him quiet often! I’m pretty sure at some point Alex began to get annoyed with me. Shawn had known Alex from high school previously and she set Shawn and I up. Shawn had shoulder surgery in October, and was very needy to say the least. ;-) I helped him out a lot and we continued to grow closer. In December 2010 Shawn and I began to date.

how they asked

Shawn and I had planned to go to NYC during the Christmas Season. Our friends Tony and Alex had a trip already planned for NYC, when Tony caught wind that we were planning a trip he asked Shawn and I as well as our friends Kara and Kyle to go to NYC together.We left for NYC on December 16, 2016 early in the morning. Megan had been “annoyingly texting” her friends Ashley, Kara, and Alex about getting engaged and what not. Megan thought it was happening at the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center and was solely convinced that it was happening there. After we arrived in NYC we went to our hotel to check in. We were not allowed to check in but we were allowed to check our bags and have our car go to valet. Tony and Alex had to drop their friends off at there hotel, so they were a little further behind us getting to the hotel. We took the day to go shopping and visit some of the stores on 5th Ave. Tony and Alex had dinner plans so they left Kara, Kyle, Shawn and I and we went back to take naps at the hotel and then went to get dinner. During that time Megan was texting all her friends convinced it was happening on Friday night. The night proceeded us Kara, Kyle, Shawn and Megan all went to Hard Rock for dinner. After dinner we met up with Tony and Alex. We headed down to the Tree and as we are walking up there were a few couples getting engaged. Megan thought this was her moment that she was getting engaged. Shawn asked Megan to take a picture with him near the tree and Alex had found a “perfect spot”. Tony, Kyle, and Kara took out their phones like they were getting ready for the “big moment” , when the pictures were done nothing had happened which had completely killed my mood. We walked around NYC a little bit more and headed back to the hotel. At that point Megan was so upset and angry that it didn’t happen all she wanted to do was go to bed. Shawn and I proceeded up to our room and found out that our keys did not work to our room. Shawn became highly irritated because he had to use the restroom. Megan told him that she would go down and get new keys, well when Megan got down to the front desk, there were about 5 people in line in front of her and only 1 person working the front desk. I texted to tell Shawn that it would be a few minutes as there are a lot of people waiting at the front desk. About 10 minutes went by and I was able to get our keys, I walked back up stairs and our keys did not work. Now, Shawn was furious, he walked downstairs and had to wait in line again for keys. We finally got keys around 12:30 am and were able to get into our room. When we got into our room, I texted Kara, Alex and Ashley about how upset I was and that this was the worst trip ever. Little did I know they were all laughing at me behind closed doors. The next morning December 17, 2016 I woke up early and found that there was snow on the ground. I told Shawn that I NEEDED to go to central park because I knew it would be beautiful with the snow on the ground. So, I started to text Kara and Alex and we all agreed to go to Central Park. We skipped breakfast that morning and went straight to lunch at Hooters near Madison Square Garden. After lunch we hopped on the Subway and headed to Central Park. While walking central park I was so happy, Ashley was texting me asking me if I was there yet, but didn’t think anything of it. The boys took us to this beautiful castle in Central Park called The Belvedere Castle, it over looked this icy pond. It was truly beautiful. Us girls had to use the restroom, so we went to the restrooms.We continued to walk through a snowy Central Park. All of the sudden Kyle says to Kara, I want to go take a picture over here. We had to jump a fence where they were trying to preserve the grass for the winter time, and there was this little nook that had to castle in the background as well as the icy pond. Kara and Kyle started with couples pictures. While taking pictures we saw a security golf cart coming and we all started freaking out. Now it was mine and Shawn’s turn to take pictures. I gave my phone to Kara and Alex had her phone out just taking pictures of everyone. Shawn and I posed for a few pictures, and I start walking away. He pulls me back and tells me how much he loves me and how much I deserve nothing but the best. I immediately start crying, I know what is going to happen. Shawn pulls me close and hugs me. He gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him in the most magical way in my dream place central park and of course I said “YES!”

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