Megan and Seth

How We Met

Seth and I met in college in 2011. We went to a small, liberal arts school in South Carolina, where he played on the football team and I played on the women’s basketball and lacrosse teams. Seth is incredibly outgoing and generous, I was instantly attracted to his charismatic personality. He’s the kind of guy that everyone wants to be friends with, and that’s exactly how we started out as great friends. It wasn’t long into our friendship before he found out that I had never been on a “proper date.” I tried explaining to him that where I was from in Maryland, people didn’t really go out on dates unless it was for a school dance. Seth wasn’t having it. He proceeded to ask me out every day (sometimes twice a day) for over a month! I always turned him down because I “didn’t want it to ruin our friendship.” It wasn’t until I lost a bet regarding my beloved Ravens (that’s the year we won the Super Bowl) that I finally agreed to go out with him. It was a perfect first date; he really pulled out all the stops! He asked me to be his girlfriend that night, and I’ve felt like the luckiest girl in the world ever since!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Big Cork Vineyards, Rohrersville, Maryland

how they asked

Seth proposed to me on November 25, 2016. It was my mom’s birthday, and some of my family members had decided to take her to Big Cork Vineyards to sip some wine and spend a lovely fall day together. I was really looking forward to Big Cork (it’s become a bit of an annual tradition), until Seth told me he got called into work and wouldn’t be able to make it. Seth’s job requires him to be on-call 24/7, so while I didn’t think too much of it, I was disappointed that he would be missing out on the festivities. We were just starting to enjoy a cheese board and some snacks when Seth walked up to the table. He said his cases at the hospital canceled so he was able to join us after all! I was elated to see him, yet no one seemed surprised that he was there. About 10 minutes later, my cousin recommended that we go take some pictures as the sun was starting to set, and when I turned my chair to leave the table, Seth was on one knee. I couldn’t tell you what he said to me, or what was going on around us, I just remember feeling excited, honored, and loved by my best friend.

Megan and Seth's Engagement in Big Cork Vineyards, Rohrersville, Maryland