He'd Been Working on his Proposal Video for Two Years and She Never Even Noticed

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How We Met

We met through mutual friends of ours who were dating each other and after a few double dates we became inseparable! After a year and half of dating, Scott moved to Seoul, South Korea and I just started a new job. After about four months of distance relationship we decided we wanted to pursue a life of travel together. I ditched my job, sold everything I owned, and hopped on a plane to Seoul to join him and haven’t looked back since! Now we are working, traveling, saving money, and running a blog together.

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how they asked

This took some serious planning on Scott’s end and I was completely in the dark for TWO YEARS! Scott has always been a lover of photography and been working to pursue his career as a professional photographer. He fell in love with this style of photography called hyperlapse photography. Once Scott saw one of Rob Whitworth’s videos he told me he wanted to learn this style of photography. I was on board and tried to be his cheerleader/model throughout the entire learning process. He kept mentioning a goal of wanting to have perfected this craft in “two years.” Scott is one to set goals for himself so I did not think too much of this “two years” talk he kept repeating. After living in Seoul and backpacking through South East Asia we have spent countless hours making these videos one photo at a time. Two years of practice really paid off, our first videos took HOURS to shoot, now they take less than an hour! I thought these videos would be a fun way to show our travels on our blog, he agreed but had secretly been planning how he wanted to execute his proposal video to me the moment he saw Rob Whitworth’s video.

During our vacation in Hawaii with Scott’s family we went on the Lanikai Pillbox Hike on Oahu where Scott begged me to do a quick hyperlapse shot while his family waited, this is when he joined me in the shot, explained to me why he started hyperlapse photography, and dropped down on one knee.

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