Megan and Santo

How We Met

Santo and I attended the same elementary school growing up and also the same community centre for after school activities and summer camps. He is one year older than I am so most of our school activities took place together, however we were not a fan of each other. Our relationship consisted of making fun of each other and giving each other dirty looks when walking by each other but that all would change the summer before I went into high school. I had just turned 14 and that summer we saw more of each other because we had mutual friends that all used to hang out at a park in our neighbourhood and one night just before school started, I got a text from him saying, “Hey cutie” and that’s when everything started.

Where to Propose in James Garden

September 12, 2008 I became Santo Provenzano’s girlfriend and what went from hanging out in my back yard turned into ordering pizza’s and watching movies every weekend to then buying our beautiful dog (Bubba) and attending each other’s Semi Formals and Proms to graduating university together.

Megan and Santo's Engagement in James Garden

how they asked

One typical Monday after work I came out of my car and went to my side door like I did every other day when I noticed a note that was on the door. I opened it and read “Hey Babe! Come meet me at James Garden, I took Bubba for a walk. Love you!”(Now we walk to James Garden on the regular with Bubba and is usually where we talk about our future goals and plans together). Now I had been awake since 5:45am and worked a 8 hour shift which consisted of me being in scrubs and hair in a total messy bun. I then started to think to myself, when has santo ever walked bubba without me asking him too come and join me. I got really excited and thought OMG! Could this be what I think it is! The next half an hour consisted of me running back and forth between fixing my hair and makeup to putting on clothes. When I finally got to James Garden I texted santo to ask where he would be and he replied telling me to just walk into the park. That is when I saw the love of my life, looking as handsome as ever with our beautiful dog waiting for me in our usual area. When I finally got to him, he grabbed both my hands and started talking about how lucky we were to have found each other so young and how we have done everything together and that he could not picture his life without me. Now not only was that the most beautiful thing to hear but the best part came next. He then said, “So Bubba and I have a question to ask you”, he then placed a sign over bubba’s head that said “Mom, Will you marry Dad?” and went down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of his life with him. This was not only the greatest proposal I could have ever asked for but he also got a photographer to capture our beautiful moment! I fell in love with this man when I was 14 years old and my love for him has grown everyday and continues too.. he is my always, my forever and I would choose him in a hundred life times! We are so blessed and excited to start our forever together!