Megan and Ryan

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Barcelona, spain

How we met: At age 15 I walked into drives Ed and spotted a cutie sitting in the corner so naturally I made my way to his table where I proceeded to learn nothing about safe driving because I was too distracted. Time passed and we didn’t see much of each other but after running into each over one day at random he asked me to golf with him, I didn’t know anything about the sport but I wandt going to miss out on the opportunity and I’m glad I didn’t because we’ve been together ever since. College to me to Baylor University, two hours from Ryan and a drive he made every weekend just to see me.

how they asked: I spent this summer in Spain, 4 weeks into the trip we visited Barcelona, as my sister and I were strolling the alley way behind Barcelona’s cathedral she handed me a journal that Ryan had given her full of love notes, I didn’t think too much of it at the time, as we turned the corner we heard a violin player and were enjoying his music and taking pictures (total tourists) when I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around to see my love, in a tux and red bow tie. Still as handsome as he was the first time I saw him in drivers Ed at age 15, my eyes filled with tears and jumped in his arms faster then I knew was possible. As I looked over his shoulder I saw both of our moms, they had come all the way to Spain with him to see this special moment. The surprise of a life time complete with an engraved glass ring box, a beautiful ring and the excitement of a life with Ryan.

Bride's Proposal in Barcelona, spain