Megan and Ryan

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How We Met

Megan and I met at her friend’s 16th birthday party! It is kind of interesting how it all played out. I actually Megan’s friend, who was turning 16 that day and didn’t know Megan. Then a few weeks after her friends party, I messaged her on Facebook and asked her if she wanted to go to a movie. Megan was nervous at the time not really knowing me all that well and had her friend go with us. The movie went well; so well that Megan and I went bowling about a week later. We officially started dating April 7th, 2013, and are getting married June 17th, 2017. :)

how they asked

Going back a couple years, Megan and I along with my family (parents, brother and his family, and my brother’s in-laws) went to Orlando, Florida and we were all there to celebrate the special moment. One funny moment we look back on is during our flight down to Florida. Megan always asked me during year 2 of dating, “When are you going to propose?” The funny part was on the flight to Orlando, her and I were sitting next to each other and she asked me jokingly, “Did you bring the ring?” Since I did have the ring on me, me freaking out somewhat, I got disgruntled and said, “NO, Megan, godddd! Stop asking…” She was kind of mad at me a little bit for yelling at her. lol But she has always bothered me about it. lol We got over it though! :) On March 17th, 2015, day 2 of the trip, my parents, myself and Megan went out for breakfast to IHOP. We got placed in a booth, and of course Megan and I sat next to each other with Megan to the left of me.

The reason that is important is because I wore cargo shorts that day with the bigger pockets, and the ring was in my left pocket, the same side Megan was sitting on. So, I didn’t want her to bump my leg and ask what is in my pocket. I then excused myself from the table to use the restroom, which I didn’t really have too use it. I switched the ring to the other side and went back to the table and continued eating breakfast. After breakfast, we then left for Magic Kingdom! Yayyyyy! We got into the park and we all wanted to go to Cinderella’s Castle first, because the rest of the family’s knew the proposal was about to happen. So, Megan wanted to get her picture taken in front of the castle with me.

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So, we stood in front of the castle and posed for a picture. I started reaching into my pocket and Megan was muttering, “Ryan stop, not now, stand straight.”

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I obviously ignored her and took the ring out of my pocket and turned to her, opened the case, got down on one knee and asked, “Megan, will you marry me?” She said, YES! :) She was overjoyed, speechless, and SO excited! :)

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