Megan and Rob

Where to Propose in Oyster Creek Inn, Leeds Point, NJ

How We Met

Rob and I met through mutual friends just after high school (we both graduated in 2010). We lived in neighboring towns and would typically see each other at the gym, but it was never really more than a smile in passing and quick “how are you.” Four years ago (2013) on Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday so how could I forget), Rob commented on one of my Instagram photos, oh the age of social media, leaving his phone number, telling me to text him. Bold, I know. I did what not many girls would probably do, and texted him. He immediately said “I always thought you were pretty, we should hang out sometime.” Again, bold, I know. And again, I did what not many girls would probably do, and agreed to go on a date with him. At the time, I was focusing on myself and I wasn’t looking for anything serious, but something was telling me I should just give it a chance. Little did I know, two weeks later I’d be falling head over heels in love with my soulmate.

Proposal Ideas Oyster Creek Inn, Leeds Point, NJ

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Oyster Creek Inn, Leeds Point, NJ

Megan's Proposal in Oyster Creek Inn, Leeds Point, NJ

how they asked

I am so over the moon happy that I get to marry my best friend, soul mate, partner in crime, better half, favorite human, teammate, etc etc etc. I’m soaking in every moment and it all still feels like a dream!

So – let’s get to it. First. I was SO SURPRISED. Not to say I didn’t think it was going to happen eventually (because I definitely knew it coming sooner or later), BUT I totally had no idea it was going to happen when it did. Needless to say, it was the surprise of a lifetime!

A few days before it happened, Dana (Rob’s sister), texted me saying they were planning to go to dinner at Oyster Creek on Tuesday if we wanted to join. Of course I told Rob we had to go because it’s our favorite restaurant so how could we not? (This was him making it seem like it was my idea to go there all along lolll).

Tuesday rolls around and we’re on our way to dinner. Rob is jamming out in the truck which of course was so entertaining (now I know why he was so happy). So we park, get out and start to walk up and he goes to the dock side rather than the entrance side. Of course I’m like “why are we going this way?” and he says “just follow me.” Definitely got a weird feeling when he said that but it passed as soon as I saw Dana, Anthony, and the kids on the dock. Naturally, Cooper (our nephew pictured up there) was looking for turtles in the water. As we were looking for turtles, Anthony strategically placed himself to my left and he was holding Maci (our niece). He was telling Maci “give Mae Mae a kiss” so my back was turned and I couldn’t see Rob, Dana, or Cooper.

While I was turned, Dana managed to give Rob the ring (because the box was too big for his pocket and obvi I would have noticed) AND put the sign around Cooper’s neck. When I turned around Cooper had the sign around his neck that said “will you marry Bert???” (he calls Rob Uncle Bert). As I read it, Rob got down on one knee and when I turned to him he asked “will you be my wife?” I immediately started crying and literally could not talk. Seriously. I couldn’t say anything. I just put my hand out hahaha. Rob asked “is that a yes?” And I managed to say “yes, just put it on!”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Oyster Creek Inn, Leeds Point, NJ

After he put my ring on, I gave him a major hug & kiss. I then hear his BFF Jake yell “hey meggggg” out the window. Like it couldn’t get any better, I turn around and both of our families were inside watching the whole time! We got to celebrate with everyone right after and have the most delicious dinner.

While the proposal was happening, Jay was capturing it all and I am SO freaking thankful he was able to be there. I have shot blog photos and styled bridal photos with Jay before and he is absolutely amazing at what he does. I always told Rob (and my mom) that I wanted Jay to be there taking pics when he proposed. We can check that off the list!

Another thing I always told Rob was that I wanted my nails to be super fresh when he proposed. This totally happened by coincidence, but I’ll take that as a sign that it was totally meant to be. I literally was sitting getting my nails done for the first time this summer three hours before it happened. EVEN BETTER – my girl Jordan who was doing them is Rob’s brother’s girlfriend & she knew the entire time this was all about to happen because they were coming! Guys. She did so good because I had NO idea. No clue whatsoever. You go Jordan!

I think we can all agree that Rob pulled off the most perfect proposal I could have ever asked for. I was beyond surprised and so thankful that he incorporated Cooper. I love that little boy like he’s my own so it only made sense that he was a part of it. My future sister in law also did an amazing job helping Rob get through it all. According to Anthony, she was more excited than Rob was lolll. Totally makes sense though because she’s my girl and I can finally call her my sister! I also owe a special thanks to my mama for making sure Jay was there & helping Rob execute everything! It was literally a dream come true!

More important than the proposal & the ring, is the fact that we are SO IN LOVE. I can’t wait to spend forever with the man that was made for me. I am so excited for this next chapter of life, especially with my one & only by my side. Now it’s time to plan a wedding!! Be sure to visit my blog, Pine Barren Beauty, as I will be posting all throughout the planning process!

Special Thanks

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