Megan and Phillip

Marriage Proposal Ideas in San Antonio River Walk

How We Met

Phil and I have an interesting start, one that I LOVE. I was to attend a Gala with my company, and per usual I didn’t have a date and we had one more seat to fill at our table. So my coworker set out to find the perfect blind date for me, yes, a blind date for a formal Gala with all of my coworkers! The picture is of us at this Gala.

With only a few text exchanges before the event, I met my future husband in full formal attire with all of my coworkers nearby listening in. Despite the pressure, the whole night was surprisingly so easy and conversations came like we already best friends. But the entire time, in the back of my mind, all I could think was that there was no way this handsome intelligent man is ever going to be interested in dating me. Every word he said was so captivating, I knew he would keep me on my toes, which he has still to this day.

Despite my doubts, and after weeks of little text exchanges. I asked him to my work Christmas dinner, our second date. Which went perfect, but left me still feeling like we would only ever be friends. Until he asked me on our third date, his work Christmas party, which finally led to our first kiss! A couple of days following that we finally had an official “first date” where he took me to have Mexican food (my favorite) and for a walk to see all the trees lit for Christmas time. We truly started so slow and then fell in love all at once. He met my entire family only a week later, I met him the following and one year from the official first date we were engaged!

How They Asked

Phil and I had started officially dating one year ago and decided to go to San Antonio for our anniversary celebration. In my mind, that’s all it was. We had talked about marriage enough to know that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. But in my mind, I figured he would be like most and sit on that idea for a couple of years, even though I would have married him months ago. Luckily, I fell in love with the best man in the entire world and he didn’t want to wait either. He picked the perfect moment, day and place to get down on one knee. Although I think I threw a wrench in his plans a few times, now realizing what he was planning. :)

The entire day was pretty easy going. We did some last minute Christmas shopping, saw the Alamo and walked the river a bit. I could tell he was a little anxious but Christmas time on the River Walk can be a little tense so I thought he was just reacting from the crowds. While on a riverboat tour to see all of the lights, the tour guide mentioned a little island shaped like a heart just off the river that they called marriage island. I noted that in my mind because I thought it was sweet. I never thought that I would be standing on that rock 20 minutes later in front of the man I would marry. The crazy part, due to my lack of direction, it took a moment to realize where he even pulled me to. When I realized we were on that heart-shaped island, I was so busy looking around to see the shape of the island I had no idea what he was about doing.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in San Antonio River Walk

But he placed his hands on my shoulders, guided me in front of him, looked me in the eye and with tears said everything just right. Even though he says he completely blacked out, every word meant the world to me and it is a day I will never forget. The best part was I literally had no idea until he was pulling that ring out of his pocket and dropping to his knee. He is the kindest man I have ever known and is consistently reminding me of his love, so when he started his speech I thought we were just having a moment for our anniversary. Now he likes to tell people I jumped by 20 feet in my surprise, which I should add would have put me in the river. But I truly was so surprised, I feel so incredibly blessed to have found this man to spend the rest of my days with.

Special Thanks

Nicole Burgess
 | Photographer