Megan and Peyton

Megan's Proposal in Cannon Beach, Oregon

How We Met

We met back in 2014 at our high school. I was at the end of my freshman year and he was a sophomore at the time. We were both late to our class, and we bumped into one another on the stairway. I dropped my math book and he helped me pick it up off the floor. Then we went our separate ways. We both searched around for each other’s contact information that same day and immediately hit it off.

how they asked

Fast forward four years, Peyton knew I loved the beach and the Oregon coast so we took a week-long vacation to my favorite spot: Cannon Beach. As we sat around on the beach enjoying the salted air, Peyton wanted to dig around and look for some treasures. He placed a handful of sand into my hand and as the sand slowly disappeared between my fingers, there was a ring in my hand. Before I could react, he was giving me his speech and popping the question! Of course, I said ‘yes!’❤️ (I do have a band-aid on because a week prior, I did get my middle fingernail ripped off!)?