Megan and Nick

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How We Met

Nick & I first met through some mutual friends who basically set up a blind date. Nick actually grew up in South Florida and ended up moving to the West coast when he got hired by the fire department up here. I believe he was only up here for about a week when we were first introduced and we literally have been inseparable since!

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How They Asked

I’ve always wanted to visit Colorado so we planned a trip to stay for 5 days this past January and little did I know, it would change my life. Nick’s sister Jessica lives in Boulder so she was basically our tour guide (which was amazing). On the day he proposed, we went hiking up the flatirons, all the way to the top! I thought for sure if he was going to propose, that would be the moment…but it wasn’t. After that we went and grabbed lunch at this adorable spot downtown and then rushed back up the mountains to catch the sunset. As we get to the spot that Nick wanted me to see (he’s been to Boulder several times) it was really overcrowded and I could tell he didn’t want to stay there. So we drove a little further up to find this gorgeous view where the three of us could sit and watch the sunset, or so that’s what I thought we were doing! Next thing I know, I turn around and he’s on one knee! Jessica was able to capture beautiful pictures of the entire thing and I couldn’t be more impressed with him and more grateful for her to be able to capture the moment that I will cherish forever!


Special Thanks

Jessica LeBlanc
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