Megan and Nicholas

How We Met

Nick and I met when he bowled on the same league as my dad. A mutual friend of ours convinced Nick to try to start talking to me. A while later I was single, and Nick found me on Facebook. He messaged me, and while he only looked vaguely familiar, I really didn’t know who he was, so I just asked: “Do I know you?” He explained who he was, and how I would know him.

He was incredibly cute, and charming, and we immediately started talking every minute of every day. I was only 17 at the time, turning 18 in a week, he was 21. He asked me out on a date (the day after my birthday). We went to dinner at Red Robin and to a movie (We saw the 2011 version of Footloose), and he asked me to be his girlfriend. We celebrated 7 years together this past October.

How They Asked

I have been constantly bugging Nick about getting married for a solid 3 or 4 years now. We have been together so long that everyone asks when we are getting married, and I was tired of saying “It’ll happen when the time is right” so I just started saying we are basically married and left it at that. Didn’t think I’d be getting engaged anytime soon.

Our bowling alley does a New Years Eve tournament, and every year we go and bowl with all our friends. This time I decided we’d just stay in and spend it with our two fur babies. People kept asking if we were going and I gave in the week before and figured we would just go. Little did I know what was in store for me.

We went out to dinner and then got to the bowling alley around 8:30. I actually almost ruined the entire thing. I was standing in front of Nick, which my hands on his lap, and all of a sudden I feel something in his pocket “What is this?” I asked. Nick quickly replies “Just my bowling ring”. He has a ring from when he shot his first 300, and occasionally wears it so I didn’t think anything about it, and the night went on.

In between each game they do fun little games like throw the ball between your legs, throw the ball with your opposite hand, etc. After our third game, we are waiting for the ball to drop, and my friend Melissa says come up on the lane with me. “No way, they didn’t tell us to go up there”. Next thing I know my name is being called over the speaker “Megan go up to the lane”. They have a chair sitting in front of the lane so I just think we are about to play another fun game.

I go up and sit down, and I hear “Megan turn around”. I turn partially around and see Nick down on one knee. I immediately started bawling, and turn right back around. I eventually turn around, and Nick says “We started in a bowling alley, we are going to finish in a bowling alley. Will you marry me?” I couldn’t even believe this was happening. I had NO idea this was coming. YES! Of course YES! A minute later the ball dropped, and we started the New Year engaged.

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