Megan and Mitch

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How We Met

We have known each other our whole life as we lived in the small country town of Forbes where everyone knows everyone.

My family and I moved to the Gold Coast when I was 15, and I had been living there until I was 22.

On September 21 2013, Mitch had come up and was racing the jetboats at Cabarita Beach with his brother and had messaged to say “come and watch us race” so I went down to watch, and the rest is history! I moved back down to Forbes after finishing work on December 14, 2013 to move in with him and went straight to his nieces 1st Birthday Party the minute I drove into town.

how they asked

Fast forward 3 years and it was December 14 once again. That morning before work, Mitch said to me “we have been living together three years today” and I said “we have too! I deserve a medal” and we had a bit of a laugh then went off to start our normal work day. Much like the day I moved down to live with him, We had his nieces 4th birthday party, and when I finished work, I drove straight to the party. He was asking me to leave after being there for only 15 minutes and I said “no I just got here! I want to see her to give her her present and cut the cake and everything!” So we stayed a bit longer and he asked again. This time I said ” no you came in your car so if you want to go home, you go and I will come soon”. He left (which is really odd for us as we usually leave together, but for some reason he was busting to get home)

As I pulled into the drive way, I could see my house lit up with candles, I didn’t think much of it as I usually light candles all the time but when I went inside, there were pictures of us everywhere and a piece of metal that said “3 years living together metal”. He is a bit of a character so I laughed that off thinking he was just being cheeky after my comment that morning about deserving a medal. But he told me to turn it around and as I did, I read the words “will you marry me?” and he got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen!

***side note*** The reason he was busting to get home is because he had lit the candles before he left to go to his nieces party thinking we would come home at the same time (as per usual) and that he wouldn’t have enough time to light the candles!

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