Megan and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met nine years ago, we had a ton of mutual friends, and hung out in a small town in NY, so we were bound to bump in to each other every once in a while. The first night we ever said a word to each other we were at a bar that he worked at, and I initially gave him an attitude! Oops. After that it was hard for us to not pay attention to each other. We started dating the summer of 2009. As life would have it , especially at the young age we were, our relationship ended after a little over two years. I moved away to Hampton bays, and he started working full time. Our lives drifted apart, we didn’t speak much, if ever. Although we still shared a lot of the same friends, we avoided each other like the plague whenever I’d visit home. Fast forward three years, Fourth of July – busiest night of the summer in the Hamptons. I got out of work and just wanted to go to bed – but with some persuasion my friends got me to go out around the corner from my house.

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After a while of me being there, it was packed like a can of sardines – I happen to bump in to Michael Lonigro. There he was, the absolute love of my life. Him 6’1, me 5’3, I had my back turned but still walking straight BOOM walked right in to him. We hadn’t talked in years, but had a quick chat, really just “how’s things, hope you’re doing well…yadda yadda” & that was it. Little did I know the next morning my world would change. My phone rang and rang and rang, Finally I had to see what he wanted to talk about. We spoke for 2 hours, about everything under the sun. A few weeks later he asked to take me on a date, I agreed and from then on it’s been what it was always supposed to be. Megan & Michael.

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how they asked

On our third anniversary (of our second time dating). It was A Sunday, we woke up in our newly purchased condo, made breakfast and mimosas and cheered to us, and everything we’ve accomplished together. It started out like any other day, I planned on making a nice anniversary dinner, and just having a chill, relaxing anniversary in our new home. Plus, it was The coldest day of the winter so I wanted NO part of leaving the house. After breakfast he had to run some errands, and stop by his moms house. An hour later he still wasn’t home, but I didn’t Think anything of it just thought he was helping his mom with something. An hour after that he came home, we relaxed a bit, and then the fun began. He handed me an envelope that read “Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Clue One” WOW! My first clue was to go to our garage and get in our car, inside there was my second clue, “go to this address” which was a spa where I had An hour massage appointment. At this point I was in no way thinking engagement, I just thought this was a fun anniversary idea, he’s very romantic and does things like this from time to time.

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It took me a while to relax, about a half hour in to my hour massage I finally turned my brain off and just enjoyed my time at the spa. I came out to the lovely receptionist with my third clue! Next up I had to go to a card store, where they sell lotto. That clue sent me to a Bakery, and also had some scratch offs where I won $11 (my favorite number) this day was turning out so great! I get to the bakery, say my name & I’m handed a box of pastries, and my next clue. “Bring these treats home to your honey, stop spending all of my money”. Now I’m on my way home, getting nervous of how this will end, for a split second I thought MAYBE a ring, but quickly talked myself out of that since we had just bought our home. I get to our door and walked in to an absolute dream. Michael stood there amongst 100 tea light candles, 1000 rose pedals, cut out footprints all over our floor, 200 pictures of us over the 9 years we’ve known and loved each other hung on string on each of our walls, 2 glasses of champagne & my next clue which lead me to a big picture I wanted for above our bed, with that I find The next clue. To follow the footsteps, and look at the photos of our lives over the years. The footsteps led me to a scrap book I made for him in 2009, on the last page it said “Happy Anniversary look behind you for your next clue” there was one last clue taped on to our living room wall…Clue number 8, changed my life for ever. I had to stand up to grab it off the wall, it simply said “turn around” I turned around to see my best friend and love of my life on one knee asking me to be his wife!

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