Megan and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met in July 2017 through mutual friends at a bar in Kansas City. We hit it off instantly, talking, two-stepping, and even a smooch to end the night. After that evening, Michael insisted we hang out again but I turned him down a few times. Later that year, our paths crossed again during a Halloween event. I was planning to do travel nursing at the end of 2017 and knew I did not want to be in a relationship. Michael, however, was quite adamant on giving our relationship a shot. After much debate, he won and ended up winning over my heart. Here we are almost 3 years later planning a wedding!

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How They Asked

Our first vacation together was to Saint Petersburg, FL and we both grew an immediate love for that city. We had always talked about going back to visit. In January 2020 we planned our return vacation over Memorial Day weekend (flights, lodging, things to do, etc). Fast forward to March 2020, COVID-19 took a hit on the US. I am a nurse for the US Navy and was deployed with the USNS Comfort to help the pandemic relief in New York City. I was unsure how long I would be gone but was told it could be as long as one year. With that knowledge and the travel bans, we decided to cancel our trip to Florida. Little did I know, Michael had planned our proposal in Florida including flying out his aunt to take surprise photos. Thankfully the need for the US Navy support in NYC slowly declined and after I was quarantined, I returned home on May 16th.

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Saturday, May 23rd, Michael planned a surprise date for us in Kansas City. It was our first full day being together since I returned. He had a variety of activities planned ranging from brunch, shopping, a park, and ax throwing. He told me we had plans for dinner at 8:15 pm but that we also had a tour scheduled at 7 pm. I was thinking of every literal option of a tour but he had me stumped. We pulled up the World War I Museum in Kansas City, MO, which has breathtaking views of the city.

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He guided me downstairs where I saw rose petals on the ground and silly me thought they were for someone else. I quickly realized it was for me once I heard our song playing, Live Forever by Kane Brown. There was a beautiful table filled with pictures of us, a bottle of wine, and more roses.

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I don’t remember anything he or I said but I must’ve said yes because I have this absolutely gorgeous ring on my finger! Tears were definitely flowing. Our dinner reservations were at the same location we had our first date, however, we were both too excited to eat. He booked a hotel in downtown Kansas City for us to end our most perfect evening together.

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Afterward, I found out May 23rd was the original proposal date in Florida. And his aunt still took our pictures. COVID-19, you thought you could ruin this but you didn’t, love always wins.

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Special Thanks

Ang Ebel
 | Photographer
Danielle Stowel
 | Planning
Em Guptill
 | Planning