Megan and Michael

How We Met

Our love story began in Paris in 2016. We met at a travel event in the lobby of the Four Seasons George V. I was living in Phoenix and Michael in NYC. When we returned to our home bases, Michael asked me out on a date. I laughed as I had zero plans to go to NYC anytime soon. He said no problem and flew to Phoenix the next day to take me to dinner. It was like a modern-day fairy tale with prince charming flying in to sweep me off my feet. We had an immediate connection and sparkle that neither of us had ever felt before. We were very cautious given the long-distance situation but with Michael’s busy travel schedule we were able to coordinate seeing each other at least twice a month. I moved to NYC a little over a year later and in 2019 he proposed!

How They Asked

We were living in a temporary apartment as our future home was going through a renovation. Michael completely surprised me the night he proposed. He led me to believe we had a business dinner to attend. He wanted to stop by the future apartment and check on the new floors. When we walked into the apartment, it was covered in pink roses and candles.

Image 1 of Megan and Michael

Image 3 of Megan and Michael

Image 2 of Megan and Michael

I knew immediately what was happening and just started crying. I couldn’t tell you what the floors looked like but I was so happy we swung by before dinner. To top off the night, Michael said we still had the business dinner to go to. I was super annoyed that he would still put this on us with such a special occasion.

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However, when we walked into our favorite restaurant, Left Bank, we didn’t see his business colleagues but instead both of our parents were there (mine had flown in from Michigan that morning). It was perfect!

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Image 8 of Megan and Michael

Special Thanks

Leila Brewster
 | Photographer