Megan and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I had our first date on Valentine’s Day – it was the only evening both of us had free! We decided to go out to a hibachi place. As a joke, we decided that Michael should fake propose during our date to see if we could get any free sake bombs. The way Michael tells it, as the date went on he started to realize how much potential we had for a real relationship. For that reason, he never did pull off the fake proposal. But I knew he actually thought about doing it because, at the end of the date, he showed me a ring he brought with him! Given how we started out, it makes sense how our real proposal played out.

How They Asked

Michael and I went on a week-long vacation to Lake George in the Adirondacks. We spent our first few days kayaking, exploring the village, and taking in all of the amazing views.

We were having such a lovely time and everything was so perfect that Michael knew it was the right place to pop the question. There was just one small problem – he didn’t have a ring! Although he had already designed and ordered an engagement ring, it wasn’t actually in his possession at the time of our trip. So, Michael went to the local Walmart to pick up some steaks to grill for dinner – and while he was there he bought a $10 ring!

Where to Propose in Lake George, NY

A few mornings later, we embarked on a steamboat cruise around the lake. We had planned this outing together, so I didn’t suspect anything. But what I didn’t know is that the night before Michael had been communicating with a local photographer. He purchased an extra ticket so that she could be on the boat with us when he proposed! When we decided on a place to sit on the top deck, Michael texted our photographer Kortni to tell her where we were. She situated herself behind us and waited for the big moment!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lake George, NY

As for the actual proposal, it is truly a blur. I was so truly surprised and caught off guard, and couldn’t stop shaking! Michael was crying and had to pull out a little list he made of things he wanted to say (I kept that list of course). The other passengers on the boat clapped for us, and one lady even came over to give me a hug and congratulate us! We spent the rest of the cruise enjoying the beauty of Lake George, soaking in our little moment of paradise. It was the best day and I wish I could relive it again and again.

Proposal Ideas Lake George, NY

As for the ring, Kortni did a beautiful job capturing pictures of our little Walmart ring. Once the actual engagement ring came, our wedding photographer Kasey took some lovely pictures of it. We cherish both sets of photos and both rings!

Special Thanks

Kortni Maria
 | Photographer
Kasey Winder
 | Photographer