Megan and Matthew

Proposal Ideas Atlanta

How We Met

The only modern-day way to meet… TINDER! We had matched and I actually ignored his messages for over month. I had figured out that we had a mutual friend that I worked with and as soon as I asked her, she had nothing but good things to say about him. Coincidentally when he messaged me, he asked how I knew her then once we started talking and went on our first date a week later and were attached at the hip immediately.

how they asked

It was a rainy, gross early spring Atlanta day and I had left our house super early to do some work. While I was gone, Matt had asked me to meet him and his friends for brunch at our favorite local spot. When I got there my best friend, brother and 3 of his best buddies were all there. Halfway through brunch, they started cheering to “never getting married” and I got pretty irritated because our anniversary was the following Tuesday. We get home after brunch and Matt tells me that our dogs are over at my parents’ house (we live in the same neighborhood).

Megan and Matthew's Engagement in Atlanta

We walk toward my parents’ house and as we approach their back deck our two french bulldogs come running toward us with bandanas that say “will you marry our daddy?” And I turned around and Matt was on one knee. I immediately lost it. 1. Because- holy crap I’m getting married and 2. Because someone could have told me to look less homeless that morning and to not drink as many mimosas.