Drummer Pulls Off Adorable Proposal at the End of His Band's Tour

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How We Met

Megan and I met at a Bonefish Grill in Exton, PA. on October 8th, 2014. Three days later we went on a date in Philadelphia, attending a friend’s concert and going to Penn’s Landing, eating at Chart House Restaurant. We walked out of the restaurant holding hands, smiling from ear to ear. I live 1 1/2 hours away from Megan and, over the course of the next 4 weeks, we commuted back and forth to one another’s homes. On November 16th, 2014, I drove to Megan’s for church and went out to eat breakfast at Keystone Diner. I asked her to be my girlfriend and we started the dating journey together.

I play drums in a touring band and am therefore gone about 5 months out of the year. Megan and I said goodbye many times as I left for U.S., Australian, and European tours. It wasn’t until December 22nd, 2015 that I turned the lights on in the barn and got on one knee. She said, “Yes!”

how they asked

I was on a 3 week U.S. tour from November 29 until December 20th, 2015. We tour in a 60 foot Prevost tour bus and don’t have the luxury of easily ‘running errands’ while on tour. In order to get the supplies needed to build the lights for the proposal, I utilized Uber and made my way to several Lowes stores. On December , I went to one in Nashville, TN. and bought the globe and icicle lights. On December 17th, I went to another Lowes in Charlotte, North Carolina and purchased the foam and peg board. I set up shop in the back of the trailer before the concert in NC and, with the help of another musician on the tour, I designed the letters and drilled holes for the lights. I painted the foam and peg boards and finished the project on December 18th at our next tour stop in Virginia.

Our last show was at a venue in Lancaster, PA. Once we had parked the bus I drove my car out to the venue and pulled all of the lights and letters out of the bus bay and drove them to my barn in Manheim, PA. Once there, I began laying out how I would propose and where I would hang the lettered lights. My idea was to use the 50 mason jars I had purchased along with 50 tea cup lights to light the pathway up the stairs in the barn and into the main ‘hay loft’ where I had a hay wagon centered in between barn beams. In each other 50 mason jars I would put 50 letters that I had written Megan, 1 letter for each day I was gone on tour, each reminiscing moments in our dating relationship and each letter accompanied by a photo from the corresponding memory. It was on the hay wagon that I suspended the lit tube lighting on the peg boards reading, “Will You Marry Me” and on the cutout foam board I had spelled out the acronym, “M.E.G.?”

Megan is often referred to as Meg as a nickname. More importantly, her name is Megan Elizabeth Zimmerman and, after getting married in September of this year, her initials will change to what her nickname is, “M.E.G.” as my last name is ‘Greiner.’

Once I had everything in place and had hired a photographer to capture the moment, I took Megan out to the American Music Theater for their annual Christmas Show, a tradition for Megan and I. After the Christmas Show, we drove back to Manheim through the fog and mist. I took a ‘detour,’ turned left into the barn parking lot, and told Megan I needed to run in and look for barn boards for home decoration. I went in, made sure my brother had properly turned the lights on, and ran back out to try to get Megan to come in. I told her that I needed help with getting a barn board back out to the car. She agreed to come in and I ran ahead and got in position by the lit up wagon. Megan came into the barn, walked up through the lit walkway by all the photos and letters and lit up mason jars and walked into the main room where the lights read, “Will You Marry Me M.E.G.?”

I read her a final letter to cap the 50 letters she had just walked by, and I got on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. She said, “yes” and we walked out, hand in hand!

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