Megan and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I had the same double major in college, but we didn’t meet until my second to last semester when we were in a small research methods class together. He and I were the only ones working on neuroscience projects, so we were often paired up to review each other’s papers. At first, I couldn’t stand him, but he grew on me as I got to know him. At the time, I had just started seeing someone else, and he was in a serious relationship with someone else, so while we were both attracted to one another, neither of us acted on it. We developed a friendship and began developing a relationship between our respective Greek organizations.

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I spent the following summer in a research program with one of Matt’s fraternity brothers, and he spent that summer working in a different research lab while taking classes. Somehow, we never ran into each other that summer. During that time, Matt and his girlfriend were going through difficult times, and I stopped seeing the other guy when I realized that he didn’t want a relationship, but I did.

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The last day of summer, I woke up early to get ready for my sorority’s first recruitment event of the semester, and discovered that Matt had sent me a Facebook message at 4 am. 3 months later, we were officially a couple.

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how they asked

He remembered that I’d always said I wanted to use the diamonds and tanzanite from my great-grandmother who passed away from Alzheimer’s when I was a teenager. He remembered that I’d always said I want a photographer to be there to capture the moment. He had the ring and he had me, now he just needed a plan. So when his future sister-in-law, Shani, suggested proposing at their wedding reception, he hatched a plan with her. They told Shani’s family, Matt’s family, even my mom! So when they invited my parents to the wedding, Shani was convinced that I knew what was going on. I didn’t have a clue.

When Matt’s brother and his new wife arrived at the reception, they announced when Shani would be doing the bouquet toss, which struck me as odd, but I shrugged it off. I sent Matt to the bar to get me a drink, and shortly after Shani announced that it was time for the bouquet toss and asked everyone to come over to the bar for it. “I’m going to throw the bouquet! Everyone ready? Ok, one…two…three!” Then, instead of throwing the bouquet, Shani ran over to me, handed me the bouquet, and exclaimed, “You’re next!” When she ran off to the side, Matt was there on his knee holding the ring we’d designed together.

How could I say no?

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Special Thanks

 | Future sister in law -- it was all her idea!
 | Planning
Tina and Holly Marie
 | Photographer