Megan and Matt

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How We Met

A long time ago.. (16 yrs together 2/23) the day before my 18th birthday I asked my crush/friend if he was coming to my party. He said “of course got a pen” and he wrote his number on my hand to give him a call for the party location. We shared our first kiss that night and became “official” just over a month later!

how they asked

Through surviving the end of HS, 3hr long distance relationships (him in CT me in MA for school) with only weekend meetups, those oh so crazy college years that put us through some great and some not so great times, him leaving his family (6th generation of our hometown and first to leave) and me transferring for a job to move across the country to put another 3 hr commute between us from SF to Lake Tahoe CA, to finally sharing the same roof 10 yrs after we started dating and be able to get a pup!

We had talked about marriage here and there and with him not being the best jewelry chooser =) he enlisted my help to find the perfect antique ring. We found a few and he made the final decision so it would be “slightly” a surprise to me. Being an avid lacrosse player his whole life, after 4 back surgeries he wasn’t able to play anymore but picked up a side job as a college coach, and a coach that happened to have an away game in Sonoma CA and a very happy GF who loves wine… Cue the cute boutique hotel being booked and me drooling over all my favorite wine spots that from SF were easy to frequent but I hadn’t seen since moving to Lake Tahoe.

Fast forward to Saturday 2/25/17, beyond perfect weather, cool with sunshine, ample wine tastings and just a relaxing day overall.. at the last vineyard (in the parking lot!) I hear “um so are we going to do this here??” from behind me. I turned laughing /holding a ton of wine “let me at least put all this wine down before it drops”. Turns out, false alarm! We drove back to the hotel, safely got all the wine inside (phew!) and once it was just the two of us, he got down on one knee and proposed with a simple question and honestly it couldn’t have been more “us” or perfect

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