Megan and Luke

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How We Met

It’s pretty funny/embarrassing – a ‘Tinderella’ story. One night I was having a girl’s night, we were sitting around drinking wine and watching a movie when we decided all the single girls will download tinder to have a laugh. I was swiping through not taking much notice, I left to get something from the kitchen and my best friend stopped on Luke’s (my fiancée) profile saying she knows of him & that she’s heard he was a really nice guy. So as friends do, they convinced me to start a conversation with him. That conversation led to a date the following week, which then saw us having lunch the following day. A few weeks went by and we made it official!

how they asked

I was meant to be on a girls night with my friends and after a few wrong turns, we made it to this amazing location in Sydney. Luke was waiting for me to arrive under a sparkly tree surrounded by candles & rose petals, with the most amazing views of Sydney. I made my way up the hill and when I got to Luke he took my hand, got down on one knee and the first thing he said was a joke about how it wasn’t the date I thought he would propose to me on & how he ‘tricked me’. He then got all serious and said how much he loves me, how he can’t picture his life without me and how he wants to start our life together (you know, all the cute things).

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He then opened up a little black box & my head was spinning so much that I forgot to put my hand out for him to place the ring on my finger, so he had to prompt me! I was already crying and Luke said he has one more surprise for me & our families came out from hiding to celebrate with us, which made me cry even more. Every day I wish I could go back to experience the absolute best night of my life!

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