Megan and Lee

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How We Met

We met as a “blind date” setup by our two friends (who were also dating) yet neither of us knew we were being introduced. Of course they made this “meeting” take place at a tennis match in Charleston, SC during Serena William’s championship match. And of course you can’t talk during a tennis match so we awkwardly sat there wondering why we were all at a tennis match. However, we eventually made our way to dinner/drinks downtown Charleston and Megan and I bonded over our dogs (I had a Boston Terrier named Joe Pesci and she had an English Bulldog named Marvin) and also bonded on ways to cover your nose, as the bar we were in had a sewer leak and smelled awful. A year later she was moving from Charleston to live with me in Greenville, SC and the rest is history! We spent our first Christmas together at the Biltmore Estate and she fell in love with the massive tree in the front lawn of the Biltmore….this will come into play below….

how they asked

I knew she loved the Biltmore Estate and especially the large tree in the front lawn. So while she was at work I packed a suitcase for her (equipped with copies of all of her makeup items, toothbrush, clothes, etc.) and drove these items to our hotel at the Grand Bohemian. Our friends then drove up and hid behind the trees that surrounded the main large tree in front of the Biltmore.

When she got off work I had her get dressed and told her we were going to go see the tree again, as a casual Friday night event. After we left my parents came and picked the dogs up for the weekend. We drove to the Biltmore and walked out to see the large tree out front. Once out there i decided the tree covered with stars was the perfect timing and dropped to one knee. Our friends were hiding behind the surrounding trees taking pictures as it happened.

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She was so nervous/excited that she gave me the wrong hand and of course I proceeded to put the ring on the wrong hand… that point someone shouted “wrong hand” from behind the trees and we both laughed. She gave me her left hand, the ring fit perfectly and everyone then popped out from behind the trees and took more pictures as we all celebrated! After a quick tour of the Biltmore for a candlelight tour we made our way to dinner and then surprised her by saying we had a suite at the Grand Bohemian. She walked into our room where her suitcase was ready for her, champagne was on ice, music was playing, jacuzzi ready and proposal gifts wrapped and laying on the bed.

The rest of the weekend was magical and we celebrated with our phones turned off! Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend or fiance! But all credit goes to our friend Heather who captured the moment fully improvised as it happened. Nothing was staged at all…just a magical moment!!

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Special Thanks

Heather Love
 | Photographer